How to Win Over Survivors and Influence Jonesy – A Guide to Getting Along During Armageddon

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I have been playing Fortnite for going on 180 days and have had a blast. Like everyone else here, I have experienced a lot of negative players recently, so thought that I would teach everyone some lessons that I have learned along the way. Please feel free to add some of you own.

  1. When a Master Grenadier joins your game, do not throw a sticky grenade at them then type into chat, "Who is the Master Grenadier now!?"

  2. If a squeaker starts talking in voice chat, do not tell them that you are old enough to be their parent then ask if their mother/father is single, unless the parent sounds really hot, then proceed with caution.

  3. Proper etiquette states that you should level up a Stop Sign Axe and give it to low level players when they ask for a weapon.

  4. If you join a mission with players way below level, do not start the objective without warning everyone.

  5. Throwing a port-a-fort at Power Base Knox/Kyle and saying, "Here's some mats for your base." is generally not a kind thing to do.

  6. When clearing the area for a storm chest, be careful not to shoot the storm chest with an obliterater, in particular if there are a bunch of low level people farming storm chests in your mission.

  7. When dropping loot for lower level players, do not put it in a box on the edge of the map, where a door leads to a directional jump pad that launches players off the map.

  8. Singing songs in the voice chat about the valiant efforts of Pathfinder Leacher is not enjoyable for anyone, except for your self.

  9. Do not call the constructors "Bob the builder." For example, "Bob the builder, there's some sick mats in the box over by the edge of the map."

  10. When a player builds a 6x6x6 wooden box around your Retrieve the Data setup, do not start the mission unannounced and declare, "I hope your base holds up Bob"

  11. Following around UAH, Ramirez, Penny, or anyone with a scoped weapon pointed directly at their backside is generally kind of creepy.

  12. Letting survivors die in Save the Survivor missions for being a "Stuck-up baby boomer wearing high heels in an apocalypse" is not good for the team. Also, leading a smasher to said survivor and saying, "Here's your manager to talk to." is not good for the team.

  13. Vaping, ripping a bong, eating crackers, using the bathroom, etc.. while on voice chat is a sure-fire way to make everyone mad.

I am sure there are more I am forgetting about, but this should be a good base-line of things to get started. Hope you enjoy the advice and can make some friends.

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