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In advance: I am not a native speaker (I first created this list in German, then translated it via google translator, then reworked it personally and corrected it).

In the following you will see a list, which I have created over a longer period while playing Fortnite PVE (every time I noticed something, I wrote it down).

I created the list to give you and every Epic Games employee an easy overview about some small and some big things that every Fortnite PVE player should know.

It's my first post on Reddit with such a scale and effort and I hope the post is not directly deleted and I tried to let out personal feelings and only take things that should affect just about everyone.

So, enough introduction, let's start with the list 🙂


  1. Possibility to leave the mission when all objectives + additional objectives have been completed („Save the Survivors“ and „Build the radar grid“)

  2. Gathering All the Rewards After a Mission Simultaneously (Somewhere there was a post where someone said how much lifetime you waste by collecting the mission rewards (the exact hour / day number is not known, but it was really depressingly high))

  3. Introducing outro sequences after missions on consoles

  4. Introduction of preview videos in the skill tree on consoles

  5. Add a counter of deceased / non saved survivors in "Save the Survivors"

  6. After reaching commander level 310, convert the commander EP into something else / hide the received commander EP at the mission end screen after reaching level 310

  7. Possibility to be shown your Epic frie'nds as offline

  8. Possibility to prevent Epic friends from joining (private privacy ensures that you can not play with Randoms)

  9. Game explanatory tutorials for beginners (leveling weapons, increasing power levels, sense of command level, meaningful building etc etc)

  10. Ways to make use of the completed storm shields (there was a suggestion here where it was said that one could simply convert the amplifiers into various small AF'K farm stations)

  11. Easier navigation through the map on console

  12. Own Keybinds for consoles

  13. An other way to use the hoverboard (holding down one key just sucks)

  14. The pickaxe from the Horde construction mode for storm shields (one hit = destroyed wall)

  15. Transform resources / materials

  16. Trade window (to avoid scamming)

  17. Change of heroes in general (introduction of "skins" for exactly same hero classes (Reskins), Example: In the hero selection menu only the different classes are displayed If you have several headhunters, for example, after selecting Headhunter, you can change the "Selected Skin" (UAH, Skull Trooper etc))

  18. A mission type to farm

  19. Introducing heroes pre-loadouts (fixed primary + unit bonus combinations)

  20. Possibility to reset heroes, weapons etc (for example, by vbucks or anything can be reset once (to get the possibility to try something)) and to gain back the EP, raindrops, eye of the storm etc again

  21. Merging the different Perk-Ups / changing the way to get them (high levels should not be forced to farm in Stonewood and Plankerton)

  22. Possibility to craft weapons of a lo'wer lev'el than the actual shematic (eg shematic is PL130, but you can still craft the weapon with PL106, PL82 etc)

  23. Ability to switch from obsidian to shadow shards

  24. Possibility to change the 6th perk of no longer available Event weapons

  25. Complete suppression of the possibility to go / be brought into higher missions from low levels (Solution: If someone wants to join with one who is too low, the mission is automatically put on private)

  26. Rework of the GUI (1. Pop-Ups are blocking the view, 2. GUI in general too confusing, 3. GUI in general too big (why can’t we change the size?) and 4. GUI isn’t really customizable)

  27. Revision (renewal) of the preview videos in the skill tree

  28. Rework of the expeditions

  29. Any type of mission should be available at all times for every zone

  30. Introduce clans and/or guilds (and everything that belongs to it like clan/guild fights)

  31. Possibility to put back/away mini gun (maybe by pressing the same buttons again)

  32. Rework of the collection book

  33. Possibility to remove (self-placed) traps


  1. Fix the lag when someone joins

  2. Fix the CE-Error on the regular PS4 when you switch to StW after a round of Battle Royale and played a few missions (mostly around three) (current WorkAround: close application (Fortnite) and restart)

  3. Fix the game freeze, which each time (after starting the game, once) freezes the game for 10 seconds, the first time you go to the map and select a mission

  4. Fix the lags when leveling heroes, weapons, survivors and defenders on console (with persistent pressing of the X key (PS4), the leveling of 10 levels (for example, from 1-10, 20-30 etc) takes 14 seconds (this has already been improved a bit, earlier it took more than 20 seconds))

  5. Fix the bug, which sometimes makes it impossible to access inventory in the menu (the message is displayed saying that you are in a mission, although this is not true)

  6. Fix the bug that indicates in the game, you would have opened the build menu, even though you hold a weapon in your hand

  7. Fix the bug where traps are changed if you want to place them

  8. Fix the bug where the weapon indicated the recoil of shots, but no shot was fired

  9. Fix the bug where some husks bug into the map and attack from underneath the map (especially bad with blasters)

  10. Fix the sudden, bright and colorful light errors on consoles

  11. Fix the problem of blasters shooting through built walls (mostly walls being built after he started firing)

  12. Fix the bug where the weapons of a ninja are optically misrepresented

  13. Fix that you can't see the elements of your teammates

  14. An unused vote should automatically be considered "yes"

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