Husk Pathing: The detailed guide you never asked for!

index - Husk Pathing: The detailed guide you never asked for!

So you just started playing Fortnite and your first thought istrade? : "Why did the husks ignore my tower defense-esque super maze with all my traps?" Don't worry. We've all been there. In fact many of us still are there. By the time you hit mid Canny Valley, you'll have probably figured it out, but it still is just a general experience thing.

"But Steam! I wanna know EXACTLY how husks path and I wanna know NOW!"

Well do I got a PNG and some wisdom for you.

Such paint skills

What you see above is a general overview of husk pathing! As you can see, it isn't TOO horribly difficult. The husk in general tries to take the shortest, clearest path to the objective. However, Husks have really bad feet, so they can't turn too well! If they're forced to turn too much they'll decide to just break your maze instead! So let's dig deeper and start with:


That's right. The game actually has 3 different kinds of terrain.

  • Indestructible terrain is anything that can't be damaged. Things like environmental slopes (watch out! the game censors the word slope!), cliffs, and gaps are these. Husks will always path around these. Fun note, a while back (maybe even still, haven't checked) B.A.S.E. counted as indestructible terrain for husk pathing!

  • Destructible terrain are things like walls or anything with health that can limit husk pathing. Examples include walls, railings, fences, player walls, trees, that type of thing. There will almost always be some form of destructible terrain between enemy spawns and the objective, whether you built it or not. So BE CAREFUL! If you build to far out/too much (this is where the 2 tile/3 tile rule comes from), Husks will almost always destroy your terrain and ruin your plans.
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  • Destructible environment are things like flowers and tables,etc. All the small things. For the most part, Husks will ignore these and just move on.

So now that you know how terrain works in relation to pathing lets move on to:


Deviation angle is a fancy term I came up with to say "How much the husk has to turn." Husks are zombies. Zombies are lazy. Yes I am stereotyping zombies. Deal with it. Lazy Zombies won't turn past a certain amount. That means that they will attack the nearest destructible terrain instead if you make the clear open path too far away(see my art above). This deviation angle can actually be calculated to the exact number threshold with enough data, but I, personally, am lazy too. So until some brave soul measures it, it will forever remain a guesstimate. With that in mind, lets talk about the spawns themselves.


Spawn clouds are interesting for two main reasons. The first is that they always spawn a set radius away from the objective, limiting your build size (again where 2/3tile rule comes from). The second is that that the husks will spawn in a 1-1.5 tile radius around EACH INDIVIDUAL mini-storm-tornado thing. However the important part is that the husk uses itself, not the cloud spawn, for pathing purposes. This is why you'll sometimes get stragglers on the very edge attacking the outside of your funnels. They just RNG spawned at the perfect spot.

So how can we use all this information? It's up to you! I don't know how you like to build, but I'm sure you'll come up with cool stuff. There are plenty of builds on reddit too! This was just to give you some clarification behind them.

TL;DR: Husks hate to turn. They will destroy your stuff if you make them turn too much.

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