I did things I’m not proud of.

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Story time, Fortnite reddit. Tonight I did something I don't feel good about after getting home from having surgery, taking a rest, and getting up to play the game. It was on impulse, it was a jerk move, but at the time I felt justified. Setting the stage…

Twine Peaks. PL 100. Retrieve the data. I join a mission to find a 75, a 41, and a 50 running around the map and ignoring the objectives. The first thing I see is "Let's do storm chest." from the 41, and the 50 replies. "I can once my turrets recharge." this right here is a red flag for multiple reasons, not least of which that it only exacerbates how badly the turret needs a nerf. I then asked. "What's a 40 and a 50 doing in a top end twine peaks mission?" to which the two replied "Farming."

At this point I just… snapped. Not even there to do the mission, just there to take up the slot and leave once they pick the map clean. I got an idea, an awful idea, a wonderfully awful idea. On impulse, I hoverboarded over to the storm chest, popped it, and watched as they frantically attempted to complete it, not shooting, but within range of the chest and distracting mobs. With the aid of their turrets, they barely managed to past the first bar. I was immediately called an id*ot, and a retard, and asked why I would do that.


I told them outright, that I'm here in Twine peaks to play the game and do the missions, and I wanted them to understand what it is like when met with a person who is incredibly inconsiderate to everyone else playing the game, and impress upon them just how ineffectual they are and that next time they wanted to farm, they should do a friends only mission to stay out of the mission pool.

I was called various names and told I would be reported, then they popped the balloon immediately, undefended, and bailed. I may well be reported but, C'est la vie. At first I was very proud of it because they immediately switched to friends or private and are nowhere in Twine's public matchmaking, I checked.

Now however, shortly after, I feel really bad about it. They may have been very inconsiderate to other players, but two wrongs don't make a right and I feel like Magyst would be very disappointed in me. Yes, their intent to farm and not do the mission I wanted to do, locking me out of completing it bothered me, but that didn't mean I had to go out of my way to ruin their time.

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