I give up. Im done.

Fortnite home fn battle royale 1268x717 cf9fa8a783c249aa8d6929126e29f5f190620357 1024x579 - I give up. Im done.

Just did an mission where i had spent over 2k resourses + traps building an defence (since noone else will ever build even after 30 mins has passed). This son of a —– comes up and sees that i have built and once he realises its "safe", he goes afk spinning right in front of me. No mats dropped or anything, no upgrading walls, just straight up afk since he now "knows" that i will have to do the mission since i had spent too much effort into it. My teammates still refuse to drop me mats. So i completely lose it and tear down the base. And when my other teammates appear they start to flame me for tearing down the base that they didnt help build at all (edit: and remember that they still refused to help or compensate for the build cost in any way while flaming me).


Edit 2: Some people have downvoted this and madw counterarguments. So apparently the objective is only a team thing once it hurts the leechers in an negative way. Otherwise when the objective is unbuilt its always someone elses business. Decide ffs, which one is it? If its a team thing then you should have to do your part, in this case by dropping mats or upgrading walls (hell even telling me to rebuild the base with an alternative strategy but actually help me do so). If its everyones single busines (as some people said it was my own choise to build the base) then i have every right to do what i want with my own tiles. You said it yourself, its my own business and not my teammates what i do with my base.

7 months since the game hit early acces and leeching has ever since then been a problem that has only escalated. Im done.

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