I have noticed a lot of people have been posting a lot of “fixes” recently for STW. So here’s mine.

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - I have noticed a lot of people have been posting a lot of "fixes" recently for STW. So here's mine.

First of all i am going to say that i am not a game developer and i don't know the specifics of how Fortnite is coded, so i honestly don't know how difficult it would be to implement these suggestions. Additionally, these suggestions are based on my own game play (and my biased opinions) so they may not be the best solutions or may include many possible solutions. Its also possible you may have seen some of these ideas elsewhere and i may have to so i'm not claiming i came up with all of them. Having said that, just treat these as something brainstormed and completely open to critique or modification. A lot of reading up ahead.


Right off the bat with this one, here are my ideas specifically for getting rid of players who don't move.

  1. No Completion Rewards System: Basically, start with reducing the AFK timer but instead of kicking the player, they will instead get no rewards for completing the mission. The players can still get resources they farmed or drops from enemies but nothing from alerts and such. (I believe Warframe does this and its pretty effective but i dont know if they still use this system).
  2. Kick Adjustment: This is just adjusting the timer for when the player is kicked and what counts as AFK (if the character moved, shot a husk, etc.). I am sure this is a lot harder to actually do though.
  3. Finite Deaths: Every player is giving a certain amount of deaths/lives counter and if they run out, they can't respawn anymore. In order to make sure people don't want to die though, there has to be some kind of penalty for it. An added suggestion, is to combine this with the No Completion Rewards System so that the game will know a dead player is the same as an AFK one. This would also make it harder for underleveled players to do something out of their reach and hopefully make them level up before attempting higher level missions. As for the number of deaths, they could be something predetermined (in which case i would suggest 5 or less) or they can scale to the mission level or area (ex. stonewood 4, twine 8 or whatever).
  4. Reduced rewards on Death: Another option is that for every death, mission rewards are decreased.


Unfortunately, the above attempts to solve AFKing but not people who move and won't do the objectives.

  • The only solution i have for Leeching is the adjustment of the mission rewards. You know those chests you get after completing the mission, the one that guarantees a level 1 chest for failing or level 2-6 for winning? I think we should change those so that it's connected to each person instead of for the team. So everything a player does during the game will be counted towards the chest and it's rewards will reflect that. Of course, some of the things that contribute to the rarity of the chest will also have to be reworked (meaning the combat, building,utility scores and any other bonuses that already contribute to the chest). The only con i see to this is possible kill stealing and stuff like blocking other's turrets, so this option needs some work.
  • Ideally I'd rank the points/medals similar to this:

    • Bonuses (like finish mission quickly) > Combat > Trap utility > Building > Other Utility/Farming
  • If combined with any of the earlier anti-AFK death systems i mentioned, the shrinking storm could help push people towards the objective.


V-Buck Missions

If epic changes the AFK/Leech problem then this isn't really necessary, but if not then i think this will work too.

  • My idea is that we combine this with the previous idea of mission rewards where you get a predetermined amount of v-bucks for completing the mission and the an extra 5 for each tier the player gets at the end.
  • For this i see something along these lines:

    • Stonewood: 10 v-bucks
    • Plankerton: 15 v-bucks
    • Canny Valley: 20 v-bucks
    • Twine Peaks: 25 v-bucks
  • As an example, let's say someone goes to Plankerton for a v-buck mission and gets a tier 3 mission reward chest. Their rewards would look like this:

    • 15 (base v-bucks) + 5 + 5 + 5 = 30 v-bucks total

It doesn't have to be those exact values but that's pretty much the idea.


Honestly, i don't think trading is necessary at all. It requires some kind of UI so that it's fair, but i just wouldn't do it. The only other thing i can think of is seeing all the gun stats/durability or number of items while it is on the ground and the only way for someone to pick it up is for them to give others permissions to pick it up (maybe with a timer). But like i said, it's unnecessary.

Storm Chests

I think storm chest rewards should either be given after the mission is complete or maybe a bonus added to the earlier chest system i talked about. I don't really care about storm chests but there are still people who try to take all the rewards themselves or farm it and leave.


  • Traps. I'd like to see more traps but they probably take a while to balance and such. At the least, would like the BR jump pad added because i don't like the corner versions of jump pads. Maybe even adding the launch pad/glider system from BR?
  • More loadouts. Self explanatory, I am fine with at least 3 more slots.
  • Upgrading resources. Like upgrading silver to malachite or fusing obsidion and crystal to make shadowshard. It would be nice to have something like this but it's an afterthought for me.
  • Heroes. I'm fine with how the system works now, i am not really interested in having classes and then switching skins like it was BR. If it changes i'm ok with that, if not, still ok with it. I will agree that some heroes should probably be buffed just for more variety.
  • Shop Items. Would like to see those dances/weapon wraps in STW. This gets asked all the time so i'm not going to elaborate on it.
  • Play with Others. I'd just like to see the mission beforehand, also if this gets added maybe there won't be people leaving as soon as they load in. Another possible suggestion, seeing if others are actually in game or in lobby (this really only affects evacuate the shelter though).
  • Bug Fixes.

I covered a lot but not everything and i'm sure people have other concerns that pertain more to them. Once again i am not saying i can do better than Epic and that i can solve every problem. I think STW is a great game and thank the developers for it's creation, so heres hoping it gets better.

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