I just had one of the most funny and “wtf” missions I’ve ever done.

Fortnite Preview screenshot onpage 1 1024x576 - I just had one of the most funny and "wtf" missions I've ever done.

So, in this printscreen, i'm the first one. I didn't build much. Playing Shamrock Reclaimer, I basically dropped the bear and went afk for about 30 seconds. With my amount of Tech, the bear would clear pretty much everything by itself. We also had a soldier, a constructor, and another soldier, I'll call here "andy". I think Andy ranged from 11 to 14 years of age.

The first night was kind of normal. We didn't notice Andy wasn't helping us kill stuff, because the bear killed everything by itself. After the first night, I left to grab the rest of the buff pylons while the constructor built. When I came back, out first generator was COVERED in metal. Not pyramids or anything. Andy spent like… a thousand or two metal, making a HUGE castle. With doors, stairs, everything edited to look like a building.

I instantly said "wtf" in chat. He started to saying he likes to build. I didn't care that much since it was day and there's not that much to do. and then we proceeded into night two. During the night, Andy kept building. That made me feel a bit angry because we were fighting and stuff. The other Soldier said he should help and also "fu*k you". I didn't understand what Andy said next, his English was pretty bad. But guess what? He kept building. What a surprise. He started making a huuuuuuuge ramp to the sky with metal, and he made about 20 boost pads for hoverbords before it, then he proceeded to suicided about 5 times throwing himself out of the map. I have to admit, it was funny. He kept asking us to do it too, Soldier kept telling him to fu*k off and help, and I said "after night time we can play". And I did, I suicided about 2 or 3 times, it's funny. He went BACK to building a different castle this time, on wood, because apparently he used up all his 4k metal.

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I guess I should say the fights were pathetically easy, so I didn't feel like chatting and telling jokes while my bear killed stuff and I sniped the witches was a bad thing.

The constructor was a PoweBase Knox, so the base (which was a motherfu*king HUGE ASS CASTLE by now) was super well defended too.

Well, on night 3, Andy put down a defender pad and a pl 43 Val. He gave her an axe and said she was his girlfriend. I kept saying how he was such a noble sir to build his girlfriend a castle. The constructor joked around too. Nearing 5 minutes left, the Soldier edited Andy's hoverboard launchtrack of death and it fell apart. Andy got very pissed off, and started rebuilding it. The soldier waited for him to finish just to edit it again and break it. Andy got pissed and started opening holes on the walls for husks to get in and damage the generators. My bears wouldn't let husks get near, so I didn't really care that much, but just in case I said "he should go be a gentleman and defend Val, she's almost dying". He actually went on to get his 222 damage points by defending her from husks.

It was very funny. Andy's not the kind of guy i'd like to find on missions, but at least this time it was a funny experience.

And to finish, here's one of his castles: Censored his name, because I think we can't show people's names here.

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