I just wanna thanks Epic

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There is a lot of games for each one of us. Since 2014 i was addict to destiny(i have more than 2400hours of playtime) bcoz it was all what i wanted in a game and it was my best FPS experience since ghost recon (the very first one on pc…i was in the TUS clan, the undead soldier if any of you have played to this game) The thing is, since the fall of destiny2 i decided to try fortnite BR bcoz all of my clan mate switch to this game and seemed to really enjoy it. So i give it a try and i felt for this game because of the constant stress/adrenaline that it gave along the match. That was really insane.

Honestly, i was interest by STW only for getting vbucks for free, then i found someone on ebay who sold me a friend invite for 15euros. The first time was really confuse, there was a lot things to assimilate but it was nice, if you often play games, you know that it happens the first time but, first of all, listenning ramirez speaking for the first time was fun! Also, i really really love ray( in a way, she like our ghost in destiny but, with a way better comment)

In STW i finally found what i ve lost in destiny 1 when they realease destiny 2. Random rolls, challenge when you join a mission ten level your current powerlevel. This feel of to be really powerfull when you go to help noobs in plankerton…..


STW,now, is my main game and i only play BR to take a break. I know a lot people complaint about certain things that Epic should implement for a better QoL, like limited access to certain missions to a certain level (like 70pl mission to level 50 heroes for example)

But anyway i am really gratefull for all the work, all the devotion to the community, all the kidness, all the respect, and much more that Epic is showing us week after week.

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BR is growing like never, fastest as any other game, STW has a lot of improvment since the begining.

Their work is really hard dude, i hope you can understand that but they are passionate and we have the luck that Epic is the dev of our favorites games.

Dont be fool, any compagny are here for making money, it is not a problem for me and we all have a budget for our entertainment we know, but a big part of this budget, in my case, will still to go to epic because they deserve it much more any other compagny who is trying to copy them right now.

If some major compagny are giving up the season pass in their game is not to be kind with us, it is just bcoz they saw the fail of battlefront 2 and the success of Epic who is making a game for us, not for them.

P.S: excuse my english, i am not really bilingual but i really would to do this post.

Long live to STW/BR

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