I know it has been posted quite a bit, but just in case Epic missed it…

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - I know it has been posted quite a bit, but just in case Epic missed it...

The lack of superchargers was poor design. At the bare minimum, after grinding the full questline and the 50 levels, we should at least have a single weapon/hero/trap fully supercharged, with perhaps a 9 power level increase in survivor superchargers (taking the max from 131 to 140). Even then, theres not just a few weapons or heroes in the game, theres a lot aaand you might even have multiple of the same weapon but with different perks. We've been thrown a breadcrumb and that's just sad as superchargers seem really cool! I can offer a few suggestions, I doubt they'll be used in any way, but it cant hurt so:

  • Superchargers in the weekly store. As these can only be used by high level players, theres no harm in putting them in there where they can still be accessed by the whole playerbase. I guess two of each weapon/hero/trap supercharger and a specific amount of survivor superchargers to target a specific power level increment (say +2 power levels a week equals x amount of survivor superchargers).
  • Prestige levels. Im pretty confident that if youre the kind of person still playing past level 50, youve got a lot of perkup/evo mats and/or are just playing ventures for the other rewards (such as the questline stuff). I think a good way to handle this is to actually infinitely loop the battlepass, kind of like what Battle Breakers does (or did? idk, havent played it in a loooong time). So if you want to grind superchargers, you can! If you dont, well there's the rest of the game. I think ventures should be spot to grind out alternative resources like superchargers and core reperk and thats one way of doing it.
  • Boss loot? Idk, you can have core reperk be a super rare drop from epic mini bosses and superchargers be a rare drop?
  • High level 4x missions rarely offering a core reperk/supercharger reward as the alert?

Idk, theres so many things you can do to achieve this outcome of making us want to play more because we feel more rewarded for doing so. Anyway, while we're on the topic of ventures, I'd like to post some of my feedback along with this post for convenience sake. So:

  • Not being able to craft our weapons was alright at first, but then as we started grinding more and more, yeah… it wasnt that fun dealing barely any damage and using weapons without the perks we wanted. I don't want to continue grinding out future ventures like that.
  • The above (no weapons crafting) and the Rage mechanic was yeah, it was okay at first, but later on became a nuisance. These two combined lock a lot of builds out. It was what killed Hit the Road; lack of creativity and difference during the grind. It was literally dragon slash this and dragon slash that. This time, it's like jailbuild constructor or fragment flurry or something. It sadly has to go. When designing the next modifier for ventures, maybe instead of penalising builds so players cant play them, design them so that it incentivises players to do things differently without a forcing hand. It doesnt even have to be something like that, it could be like "Oh you find less crafting materials but harvest twice as fast", or "Oh mist monsters spawn much more often" or something like that where you have the creativity and freedom to play however you want, with a twist.
  • The inability to see the whole rewards list in game was an inconvenience. Maybe it's designed that way so people think there's a lot at the end of the grind when really there wasnt?
  • Reused biome was kinda sad I guess. I was thinking more of an open, barren wasteland with like less elevation and more grit.

I am thankful that Ventures is a thing, but some of these things just need a sliiight tweak. Thanks for reading <3

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