I like this game.

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Yeah. I know, crazy? But it's true. I like this game.

I'm seeing so much negativity and I get it; there are issues that do need addressing. It can be frustrating having progress being slow and not getting peak performance, or a mechanic change that you're not used to, but I feel like so many of these things are completely taken out of proportion.

The FoV change for example – come on people, I understand if you don't like the change, but it doesn't mean Epic is an evil company intent on destroying it's playerbase and deliberately causing harm. Changing the jump height doesn't mean Epic is satanic and couldn't care less about their playerbase. In fact, with the amount of communication received from Epic I'd argue that they were one of the, if not the, most responsive AAA game developer currently around. Change happens and very often it initially seems negative and ends up being unnoticeable and better.

In terms of Battle Royale getting premium treatment? Yes, I'd say so, but don't act like it's a flawless game with perfect communication. There's many issues in the game that have been a problem for a long time and many immediate issues that, much like in Fortnite STW, have been addressed quickly. Weird how the positive developer actions tend to be forgotten quickly.


Let's keep it real, please. Just chill! It's a game, play it and enjoy it! Not liking it or angry at changes? Take a break! It's a fun game and while there are many issues there's no reason to expect immediate fixes within seconds of the bug happening. And for the love of God announcing you're quitting the game and encouraging others to do so and spread negativity is not going to help things at all.

I get that the reason you're negative is because you're passionate about the game, but if you really love the game you should be positive about what the future could bring for it instead of swearing and throwing abuse at the community manager. Yes, absolutely mention things when there really is an issue, but so much is taken out of proportion here and it's sad to see happen to such a fun game to play.

It's a shame the opinion "I like this game" has become an unpopular one.

TL:DR – Keep it real, keep it positive.

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