I loved Canny valley, but there are still a few things that need to be cleared up before EPIC moves on to twine peaks

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - I loved Canny valley, but there are still a few things that need to be cleared up before EPIC moves on to twine peaks

Now that the Canny Valley story has come to a close, it's safe to say that this has been the best quest line so far. However there are still a few things the NEED to be changed or at least addressed by EPIC
TL:DR for each of the three points at the bottom



The current intro to canny valley advertises itself as we've been waiting ages. And although we did wait ages, new players would have only just moved straight from Plankerton to Canny valley. The intro also mentions previous events like Blockbusters and Survive the holidays which should be removed or added to the core game somehow like the neon event was in 6.30.


The outro to the mission Gravestone still advertises CV part 2 as "coming soon". Gravestone also lacks a proper outro, making the jump from gravestone to the big picture sound rather abrupt.


it is REALLY obvious that the CV storm shield was designed before the arid biomes were released. I love the layout of the CV storm shield (I actually wish the normal mission generation had some of the same valleys as the CV SS) But the set-pieces within the Map itself look terrible (look at the oasis made of dead stonewood trees in the NW corner if you don't know where i am coming from). Can Epic PLEASE update the set-pieces in the CV storm shield to be more inline with route 99 and the desert assets (also add more secrets please :o).



By my 3rd match in ghost town, i had seen everything that sub-biome had to offer. A similar thing happened with the desert and route 99, although there was a lot more to discover. I've been playing this game since day one and I still discover new things in Industrial, Grasslands, Forests, Suburban, and Urban sub-biomes occasionally. Epic, before you move on to the Plankerton or Twine peaks biomes. PLEASE add more set-pieces and presets to all of the Arid biomes or add more combination variation with the set-pieces (E.G. maybe a ghost town set piece that is separated by a valley and you can only cross via a bridge in the center of the map).

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  1. The Intros and outros of CV part 1 are outdated and confusing for new players
  2. The set-pieces in the CV Storm shield are old and need to be updated with the current ones found in route 99 and Desert (not a major issue)
  3. There needs to be an increase in set-pieces and world generation variety in all 3 arid biomes so it can reach the standard of variety the stonewood biomes have.

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