I owe you all an apology

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At the start of season 4 I was finally allowed access to fortnite servers (living in china can be a pain sometimes lol)

Having finally joined, all I’ve ever thought about was battle royale, and it was well worth the wait, I’ve had a massive blast on the game. I even grinded my way to level 80 omega a week ago. So after this I decided to try and find another game or something to give my mind a break for a while before season 5 comes.

Then I remembered… fortnite br came from fortnite stw! Fortnite was a game before the br craze lol. So I bought it, gaining vbucks for missions really pushed me over to buy it as I can save up for br stuff… the game also sounded fun enough and a good week or two time killer… but…

I was sorely under hyped my friends. Since the first opening cinematic to the craziest battles to the long grind. I’ve enjoyed these past few days more than I’ve ever thought I would. It’s on par with br for me now. I find myself even wanting to spend vbucks for stw instead of br lol.


I owe you all an apology for not giving this game the shout it deserved and I owe myself an apology for not playing sooner. Seriously has been awesome and I’ve already almost made my money back in vbucks.

Now although it’s only been a few days and I’m still trying to aimlessly find my way through the game lol, it’s so fun.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if anyone ever needs a new friend hit me up, just remember I’m a newb lol

TLDR; I only played br and finally took a break to realize how amazing stw is and consider them equals in my heart now. Not knowing which of the two to spend my time on anymore haha


Sorry if there are errors and all that… I’m typing very fast while on a busy subway to work. Cheers

Oh and I forgot to mention how nice the community has been and helpful. The only thing that’s annoying is those trader kids constantly trying lol

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