I really need an excuse on why this player won’t get banned, EPIC. This is getting out of hand

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I will be very brief, as the detailed conversation will be in a picture below.

Today I was having this conversation with a player, and I asked him how he got his MEGABASE (I main constructor and would like him so bad). As he tells me he got it from a llama, I say that I will have to try my luck too because I can afford to open a few llamas.

But this is when the trouble begins:

Next this other guy joins to the conversation and starts saying how stupid is spending money in a PvE game (which he paid to play it already), and after that I reply to him that people can spend their money as they wish. I honestly don't have a problem supporting the developers, and if I can get good items I don't see the problem. From the way he spoke I could tell he meant that spending the V-bucks in STW was stupid and that it was better to spend them on BR cosmetics (200 IQ). That's not unreasonable as there's a lot of players in this game just farming currency for BR.

Anyways, just by this words he starts going mental and stays the rest of the match insulting my family, how he would come and kill my grandma or how she could kill herself because she is old and a waste of space, etc. He literally couldn't stop insulting my family for the whole game, all while leeching at the same time, obviously. Then, funnily enough, he says that I'm toxic and that he is such a mature guy and tries to school me.

The bad thing is that I had to stop paying attention to the game because of him and forgot to help the teammates defend the objective. I would have left the mission just for it to fail, so he couldn't get rewards while leeching and harassing people, but there were 2 more in the server, and they were nice guys, so I had to stay and help them, obviously making that scumbag succeed and get rewards from his behaviour.

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Pic or it didn't happen: <


So here comes the actual rant:

I'm extremely frustraded that I could not report him, because reporting in this game is so hard to actually do it. I also don't have any confidence in the report system. I've found the same leechers multiple times, all with blatant stats that showed they didn't do anything the whole missions, and they still have to get the same rewards that people that play, with no punishment at all.

But it's not just this. Reporting leechers doesn't work. This sub knows it because they are one of the biggest problems this game has, and it hasn't been adressed yet by EPIC. How long do we have to wait? I seriously can't understand why I'm playing this game the hard way. I farm my materials, actively play missions to earn XP and upgrade my weapons and skills so I can be more helpful in the missions, I try to get the best traps and farm a lot to build good kill tunnels, and half of the times I'm the only one that builds in the objective (so I had to move on to maining constructor to save mats and time).

All of this is so frustrating. I feel that, by actually putting effort and playing the game as good as I can, the game doesn't want me to keep playing. The game only helps and promotes leeching, by becoming a grindfest for the legit players, and free rewards for 0 effort for the leechers, with no possibility of really getting punished.

I really hate this, because I love the game, but EPIC's decisions about this will make me, and a lot of other good players, leave the game sooner or later, leaving behind only some traders and scammers in the global chat. Tbh, that's what it is 90% of the times now.

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End of rant

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