I really want there to be a Bull Rush-centered Constructor

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We've got plenty of BASE Constructors & some Plasma Pulse ones(albeit, they could be tweaked a bit to be better, coughSentinelDecoycooldowncough), but there really isn't one focused on Bull Rush.

We've got Warden's Bull Crush that grants 45% Hardware damage for 10sec after Bull Rush, BASE's Long Rush increasing the run distance from 3 to 4 tiles, Riot Shield to crit & knockback enemies farther at the end of Bull Rush, & BASE's Emergency Override that instantly cools down Bull Rush after your shield breaks(w/ 30sec internal cooldown…ouch).

Then we got tactical bonuses like Dragon's Bloody Bull that adds Affliction to Bull Rush & Striker's China Shop that allows Bull Rush to function similar to Outlander's Anti-Material Charge without the material gain.

…But even with those perks, none of them are actually centered around Bull Rush, they're still based around BASE, Decoy, or Plasma Pulse in their kit.

Seeing these perks really got me thinking about a new Constructor focused soley on Bull Rush, as well as adding new perks like expanding the shield's width for a wider rush, gaining –% Damage Resistance during/after Bull Rush, charge up Bull Rush for a longer/stronger rush like Striker's Charged Fist, increasing melee attack speed by –% after a rush, or causing a shockwave at the end of the rush.

What do you guys think? If I were to design one, it'd probably be like this:


  • Level 1: Bull Rush

  • Level 2: Plasma Pulse

  • Level 5: Rushed Rush: Reduces cooldown of Bull Rush by 6 seconds.

  • Level 8: Long Rush: Increases Bull Rush distance to 4 tiles.

  • Evolution 2: Kinetic Overload: Critical hits with hardware melee weapons trigger a Kinetic Overload, dealing a base of 50 plasma energy damage and knockback to the target. Can trigger once every 6 seconds.

  • Level 12: Bull Crush: At the end of Bull Rush, Hardware damage increases by 45% for 10s.

  • Level 15: Really Rushed Rush: Reduces cooldown of Bull Rush by 6 more seconds.

  • Level 18: An Unstoppable Force: Gain 40% Damage Resistance activating Bull Rush for 8s.

  • Evolution 3: Decoy

  • Level 25: Emergency Override: Immediately ends the cooldown of Bull Rush when the Constructor's shield breaks from damage. Can only trigger once every 30 seconds.

  • Level 30: Mess with the bull…: Bull Rush is now wider, can be charged to go 6 tiles forward, & now knocks larger husks flying back instead of being interrupted.

  • Support: Punchy: Increases blunt weapon damage & impact by 6%/9%/12%.

  • Tactical: Bull Crush: At the end of Bull Rush, Hardware damage increases by 45% for 10s. Requires Constructor class.

If this was real, I'd slot in Phase Scout & Striker for Movement Speed+Bull Rush through buildings for fun or Electro-Pulse/Warden & Dragon for more damage during combat. I really enjoy using Bull Rush, I just wished there was more to do with it in-game right now.

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