I think frostnite week 2 challenge is exactly the challenge we didn’t want, but needed.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - I think frostnite week 2 challenge is exactly the challenge we didn't want, but needed.

It took me about 7 times queuing up with randoms to get this mission done. The thing is people are so used to having crutches that help them throughout the regular missions. This is a REAL coordinated effort. Without key communication and the right roles, you're doomed from the start. I think that 15 seconds is too short. I think 25 should have been the sweet spot. I have never had so much fun playing this game. I was getting tired of being OP and nothing being a challenge and this was a breath of fresh air. Will I be doing this again? HELL NO. As much as of a fresh air. It's very difficult and reminds me that so many players do NOT know how to play the game properly. Probably spent to much time in trade boxes. I truly thank Epic for creating difficult content for the hardcore players.

I see many people complaining because they rushed ssds and with being underleveled, they essentially are doomed unless they reverse taxi. I gotta admit, it's disappointing that Epic doesn't disclose this initially. I truly believe that Epic should make it so you can choose the level you wanna be in. Whichever level you choose, the rewards will be more aligned with the level chosen. This ruins this mode for so many people. Sure I'm level 122, but that doesn't mean I always wanna do level 100 content and being forced isn't what I believe the best solution.

Moving on to some tips. My suggestion for people are struggling, I recommend using a megabase with feel the base. I recommend having a striker AC to help with the farming with llamurai or SMS and a Commando. I also recommend a Deadeye with the same tac and support. My last one is a reclaimer with the same tac and support. We lasted a good 31:15 with this set up because we were just tired of doing it lol.

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In terms of gadgets, two people should have a slow shield, two people should have heals one person shield have a banner and three people should have turrets. Slow shields buy you so much time and it's so precious in this game mode. Turrets are great for killing krampus at the start for easy blue glo. And the banner is good for extra building health.

I found this to be the easiest for the group I was in. I'm sure there are better setups, but this is the one that worked for me, and maybe it'll help you! Hope you are all able to find good partners and finish this week's challenge!

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