I think I found the cure for Global Chat, here me out.

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So i spent some time tonight drinking (i feel you judging me, stop it) But it all started with someone asking to be taxied to Canny Valley. I told him he would feel better earning it than being brought there to farm and not return for a while.

Someone else joined in saying he was shocked to see someone making sense in Global Chat. That's all it really takes is one more person.

I know it sounds dumb, but literally we went from talking about how it was dumb to bump zones ahead of your quest line to a myriad of topics randomly. Some people joined in the discussion and left to do missions. Others stuck around and stayed for the fun. Even the person who originally asked to be taxied said we made him realize what we were saying had merit to it, and he joined in on the fun.

Within 15 – 20 minutes (the average time of a mission, without a full squad of course) we had weeded out most of if not all of the trade spam. By just talking..


Any time someone typed in "tr4de" we just told them no and the weren't heard from again. The only issue seems to be upkeep. Obviously you can't sit in global chat all day and keep it free of people spamming. If only there was someone who received some sort of compensation for doing such a thing. Like someone to moderate the experience in chat. If only there was such a thing. Like a ….like a moderator of sorts.

My point is that the trade spam has made the more hardcore players avoid global chat. That is exactly what the trading community wants. So they can run the chat unchained with no one to stop them. I say we do our part even if it's between missions. Or at the end of our play sessions. To take some time to make if harder on these people to spam trade. We will be doing our community a great service.

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