I was testing the mechanics of Jilly Teacup’s Under Warranty perk for TEDDY. Here are my findings.

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - I was testing the mechanics of Jilly Teacup's Under Warranty perk for TEDDY. Here are my findings.
  • Under Warranty has a 5% chance to proc Malfunction which lasts for about 1-2 seconds and causes TEDDY to change targets. TEDDY has base fire rate of 4 shots per second so its roughly 4-8 shots that will change targets randomly every time Malfunction occurs. 5% is low on paper but in practice Malfunction procs then hits enough targets enough to be relevant.

  • For the duration of TEDDY, it will only crit each enemy once regardless of Target-switching or Malfunction reactivating. Tossing out a new TEDDY will allow it to crit each enemy once again. (Depression gang rise up!)

  • Crit is 2x damage. Good if you need that damage to 1-2 shot basic husks but the crit limitation balances it out.

  • The Zap seems to function like a reskinned Bear Stare but it appears to chain and spread up to 5 targets within a approximate 0.5(?) tile distance between each target. The initial Zap itself only targets within 2 tile distance from TEDDY and a single malfunction seems to guarantee 3 zaps minimum and sometimes it can zap 5 times in a row so supposedly Malfunction can still proc during Malfunction but it won't result in a new Zap but rather extend it. (Zap might be able to crit? I might've seen it wrong)

  • Tests against Single Targets shows that Malfunction still activates but due to how the mechanics work the Crit only applies on the first hit. Zap however will still proc and work on single-targets like a Bear Stare regardless of requiring to switch targets so it will still zap 3 times minimum. Nice.

  • Bug #1: There's some inconsistent/minor issue where TEDDY will stop firing for a split second before resuming. I'm currently assuming it has something to do with not being able to shoot/target Riot Huskies through their shield.

  • Bug #2: With the ability to Zap, TEDDY will fire yellow/orange laser beams exactly like Bear Stare but to no effect. I noticed it was when Malfunction occured but TEDDY had line-of-sight issues that caused to spam Bear Stare visual+sound effect repeatedly. This is could be stronger ties to the Zap effect being a reworked Bear Stare?

Summary: The perk is still useful if you plan on letting TEDDY absolutely massacre basic husks while you focus down on bigger husks because it's very unlikely to be stuck on a single Huskie/Smasher the entire time. Using Jilly as Commander is quite respectable damage output on single-targets when Zap procs if you're willing to keep TEDDY within 2 tile distance of enemies which isn't as bad since Jilly has phase shift. The AoE/Chain from Zap is too unreliable but it can delete basic husks from the fight.


Lets discuss how some of you feel about my findings here. Feel free to test it yourself and give me corrections and more in-depth info to help with anyone who finds this post in the future.

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