I wish STW and BR were a unified “Fortnite” experience

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I love Fortnite. Plain and simple.

STW is my passion but I like BR as well, it just bothers me that they're basically two separate games. Nothing other than v-bucks and your banner icons carries over between the two (hell you even have to make a separate banner for each game) and I wish that wasn't the case. If the two modes were intertwined I'd feel much more comfortable immersing myself in the Fortnite brand as a whole and spending money on microtransactions if the games were a unified experience with features that crossed over between the two and I think everyone who plays Fortnite would be a lot happier.

For example if items from BR like emotes, pickaxe skins, backpacks and hero skins carried over to StW I'd be more likely to buy said cosmetics. Or if StW heroes unlocked (body-types and all) translated into usable BR skins I'd be more inclined to spend time grinding away in StW to level up and earn them to use in BR. Maybe buying a BR skin might give you the hero in StW or something, sure that might sound like pay-to-win mechanics but honestly it would just be a shortcut, bypassing the event grind for a hefty premium price, which is pretty common practice in these free-to-play titles. That could get BR players interested in StW knowing that they have characters to play with they transition over. Making unlocking them via StW the free "Hard way".


Adding such features would increase user engagement in both modes dramatically. Hell, I'd probably buy the next battle pass so I could get all the new items and use them in StW, whereas right now I have literally no desire, nor will I ever to pay for a battle pass. It might even get BR players to buy loot llamas to unlock characters in StW so they could get those sweet character models in BR.

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Whatever the case might be, I wish Fortnite was one game with two modes. Two children who share with each other and get along instead of two kids who hate each other but are stuck together because they share the same parents.

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