I’d love for this sub to hold a “best of 2018” event.

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - I’d love for this sub to hold a “best of 2018” event.

Earlier today I saw on reddit while on my desktop that there’s a such thing as “Best of 2018.” It seemed like a really interesting event to have. Link can be found here

The sub reddit will also receive reddit coins to distribute as well. More details on that can be found here

I personally think it’s going to be a refreshing change to the post we see everyday. Some are great like the art and OC that gets posted. Others are rather tedious like the AFK/Leach solution post. It’s a great way to highlight things in the community that everyone enjoyed in the past or highlight individual members this sub appreciates. Really brings moral up and possibly activity.


I also noticed while making this that the other sub is doing something similar( can find it here)I know it takes a lot of time to set up, but I’d be greatly disappointed to see this sub not participate in it. I’ve only really been active here for a few months, but it’s one of my favorite places to visit.

It would be nice to see what the mods can come up with for categories. I personally would like to see one around everyone’s most favorite post (I personally enjoy the one back during the road trip event with all the sir hooties.) and most creative suggestion.

Hopefully it’s already in the works or this suggestion is taken into account. Would really be disappointed if this sub didn’t participate.

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