Idea to adjust ninjas to a better place.

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Soldiers are everyone's go-to. They have been cemented in their role of ranged damage by having Advanced Tactics and Debilitating Shots. and it works out very well. The class was given a role and the tools to do it effectively and efficiently.

With the recent additions of Harvester and Piercing Lotus, it's obvious that ninjas are expected to fill the melee role. The only real issue with melee at the moment isn't even an issue with melee itself (damage/weapons and such), but more an issue of the ninjas survivability in the thick of a field full of poison gas, bees, propane tanks, etc.

In addition, the recent changes to fall damage/height made it so unless you are practically base jumping without a parachute, you're ok. Which really invalidates the Ninja's already minimal 10% fall damage. The additional move/Sprint speed, while nice, is again, very minimal and easily outshined by the variety of slows and snares available, especially with the Perk Recombobulator on the way.


I think the existing fall damage perk should be replaced with a flat shield regen rate similar to Dim Make, but not dependent on Shadow Stance. Then those characters already with SS/DM can further increase the effectiveness of that regen to increase their survivability on the front lines even more.

I think this would bring non-AP ninjas to a better place without having to worry about scaling any damage. It would be a nice bonus to all Ninja's and make those who are dependent on melee able to survive well enough to pull it off.

Tl;Dr replace Shinobi trait with a Dim Mak-like ability to increase survivability and allow them to shine as melee oriented heroes.

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