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Hello everyone this is going to be a post about some additions and alterations that I have compiled from others' suggestions and some ideas of my own and put them all in one convenient place.

Defenders: – I think defenders need some love as I hardly see them being used even in late twine and have some ideas to make them more viable.

  • Addition of "demolitions" defender, a defender that can use explosive weapons, to combat the low durability they can be given 2 to carry or maybe 3?

  • Give "preferences" to defenders such as which types of husks to target for example mist monster only or lobbers only. Target husks within a specific range such as from 0 – 3 tiles or 3 – 7 tiles etc. This would make having different types of defenders being more efficient when placed, for example having a sniper and an assault rifle defender next to each other with the sniper taking out further targets and the assault taking out closer targets instead of them both shooting at the same target. Only target a specific element or elements.

The preferences I think would work best under the categories are as follows:

Range – Minimum distance using a "slide bar" type interface using tiles as a measurement of distance. Maximum distance using the same interface up to the equipped weapons' maximum range.

Enemies – This would then go into 2 sub categories of "type" and "element" Type – All (tick box here) Baby husk (tick box here) Normal husk (tick box here) Husky husk (tick box here) Propane thrower (tick box here) Pitcher (tick box here) Lobber (tick box here) Cowboy (tick box here) Smasher (tick box here) Taker (tick box here) Blaster (tick box here) Flinger (tick box here)

Element: This option would best be used as a tick box UI again and would have the best practicality if the team would have different element preferences for their defenders if necessary.

Moving on to traps which I think need some much needed attention as we haven't seen any new ones being added.


Water – sprinkler system? Direct damage to fire husks? Vulnerable to nature damage for 6 seconds? Perks could include effect duration (vulnerability to nature damage)

Fire – hot oil? Pours oil over husks causing fire damage and leaves a puddle of oil to slow further enemies for a few seconds that come into contact with the pool? Vulnerable to fire attacks for some seconds? Perks: puddle size, slowing duration

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Physical – spikes like the BR


Water – high pressure cutting jets? Introduce some kind of "bleeding" damage due to "cut"? Perks: water pressure (increase bleeding effect?)

Fire – some kind of infra-red heating panel to do tick over damage with a slowing effect? Perks: range? Effect duration?

Physical – spikes like BR again


Water – whirlpool? Slowing effect? Knockdown effect? Direct damage from the pool? Perks: increased knockdown chance?

Nature – electrified mesh? Stun effect? Direct contact damage? Can arc to multiple enemies? Perks: increased chance for arcing?

Shield pad – self explanatory


Perks would also include the usual damage, durability, reload speed etc.

New element traps:

Acid traps: cause corrosion damage to enemies and reduces defense for 6 seconds. Husks also take damage from direct contact with acid.

Energy traps: Do moderate damage to all elements of husks. Laser beams like resident evil?

Acoustic traps: Speakers for example playing parts of steel wool tracks when triggered to stun enemies and cause damage while in "sound waves". I think this would give steel wool a bit more potency within the game and make it more integrated from the canny quest line.

QOL improvements:

  • An option to matchmake for SSD's directly.

  • A 1 minute kick timer for those pesky afkers, even if they are spinning around, if the same action is being repeated over a 1 minute period the kick feature should still work. Works well in rocket league.

  • Taxiing needs to be a thing of the past, if any party member is underpowered the match should automatically go private. (I think this may be getting worked on?)

  • Introduce a full trading system between players, an option could be in the pause menu and select a players name with an "offer to trade" option, this will then bring up a small notification in the corner of the screen with a small audio cue to notify players that someone in the match wishes to trade, do not make the notification cover the screen and stop the player from moving or performing any action as players could spam a trade offer and effectively stop a player in their tracks until they accept. This would hopefully stop people being scammed so easily and would overall make a more cohesive community.

  • Implement a "revert" option for schematics, this would then remove the problem of over levelling schematics to materials you cannot access yet in the game and would then remove the issue of choosing the wrong path of obsidian or shadowshard. This could cost a small amount of v-bucks (20?). This feature would also take a large amount of strain from the support team that has no doubt been dealing with endless tickets from players about this issue. A conformation screen would also be a big help with a reminder to iterate that people should be sure they have the required star level materials in order to craft the new schematic.

  • When recycling schematics a portion of any re-perk or perk up used on said schematic should be returned just like other resources as legendary, epic perk up and re-perk are certainly some of the most difficult resources to acquire.

  • A feature where we can "swap trap" or "remove trap" from a structure, this would stop needing to destroy the structure itself in order to replace or change the trap needed and would be great in the event of a trap running out of uses in a SSD, saving us destroying tier 3 metal structures. Selecting swap trap would transfer us to our trap tab in our inventory to choose which trap to use. Both options would return the used trap to our inventory.

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Thanks for reading, sorry for the long post.

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