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So quite often I hear people say they are at end game, but there really is no end game in STW. In many other games when you get to end game it means that you have complete all the missions/quest/maxed your character, and then have some new content unlocked such as raids or mega boss fights.

Most of the time this translates to the main game being a leveling up process, and then the end game is used for the acquisition of shiny armour, weps, etc. STW combines the leveling up and weapon acquisition all into the main game, and then once you have completed all this content there is no real progression.

So the real question is how can we provide progression once the main quest line has been completed (i.e after twine SSD6 has been completed). Some ideas I have had:

Allow hero progression past lvl 30. This could be done by gaining some sort of hero xp directly to the character the more you play it, or by gaining a new end game only resource. This xp can then be used to unlock other perks or buff the base stats, but provides the player with a choice of perks. For example if you are playing an outlander you can choose perks to improve their harvesting abilities or to buff their damage.


Have a permanent horde bash type mode where you start the mission with limited resources but there is a skill tree system which allows you to unlock more resources and skills for future missions. This provides a method of progression outside of the standard character/weapon progression system currently inplace. I don't mean just do an exact copy of horde bash where you design a base and reuse it. There could be more dynamic game modes such as having to defend a prebuilt base in a siege style mode with defenders already in place you can then buff / heal defenders, give them different orders etc. During the siege different side quests spawn around the base which you have to complete to increase the rewards at the end. This is similar to the big battle system in lord of the rings online.

Add raids. Rather than just having find/build/defend missions make a mode where we are going on the offensive to try and shutdown the source of the husks in a dungeon style raid where we face big bosses. We don't have the typical tank/dmg/healer type classes in this game but I could see it working if the mission success was based more around understanding the mechanics of each boss rather than just being a tank-and-spank style boss. And of course there would have to be a chest at the end which gives shinys handed out by our lord and saviour RNGesus. The reward could be a nice chunk of perk up/re perk/lvl up for heros past lvl 30/mythic weapons which can only be obtained from raids.

If anyone has any other ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks.

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