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Ideas / Suggestions / Discussions for STW.

Quality of Life

The current schematic leveling system requires 50 + clicks to max a level 1 schematic up and about a minute of time. Having the option to max something out with less clicks would be great (For example, 10 levels per click).

In game active items slots has been requested before. I the main comparison is to BR, as that game mode has 5. Have two extra active items slots would be beneficial. For example, a boss can do a lot of damage in a few seconds, while you stand around switching schematics.


The packs have a few upgrade options, but some of the stuff in those packs are no longer available. If custom hero loadouts were in the game when these packages were created, I think it would be fair to say that extra hero loadouts would have likely been included with these upgrades. I think it would be fair to give extra loadouts to founders, based on their current package.

Backpack and storage space are almost always in demand for ‘end game players’ and even players who are progressing towards twine. One solution to this would be giving stack upgrades to founders, based on their package. For example, someone’s backpack and storage with first upgrade can hold stacks of 250. Someone with the max upgrade could have stacks of 400. This would apply to crafting items, traps, ammunition, etc. This would solve a lot of the storage problems for endgame players, without increasing the numbers of slots in a backpack or storage.

Flux System

The current flux system allows players to upgrade a schematic or research a schematic for 100 flux. Most of the time a legendary schematic is the end goal. This leads the low tier flux to not be used as much. One solution to this would be having researching a schematic 100 flux, but increasing the rarity be 75 flux. This would give players the initiative of using lower tier flux when going to a legendary schematic.

Collection Book

Currently leveling the collection book doesn’t offer too many rewards, aside from flux and some ‘weird flex’. One solution to this could be completing a set gives a hero voucher, and maxing a set gives a weapon voucher. Weapon vouchers were an idea floating around in the community some time back, but the concept wasn’t implemented.


It’s been proven that using anything other than trap durability in survivor doesn’t do much. Survivors need a re-work in the balancing category. While some set bonuses need a buff, it would also be a great time to add some additional set bonuses to the game. Things like trap reload speed, trap arm time, + max energy, and energy regeneration could be introduced. I had the item of something that repairs trap durability, but maybe that is an idea better suited for a base hero.


We’ve seen some recent changes to traps that really change up the ‘meta’. This has been great to the game because it isn’t just a one trap meta anymore. This could still be taken further with more elemental traps. For example, wall darts, broadsides, or retractable floor spikes that are elemental. This would give us more options against elemental husk. For example, broadsides could shoot snowballs, fire balls, and electrical balls. Additional traps could be added to account for more situations. For example, a wall trap that can fire from the second tile high.


Defenders could benefit from having a re-perk system. If the native re-perk system wasn’t adopted for this, we could get ‘defender re-perk’ (Whatever name) for recycling defenders. Then use that resource to change their perks. I’ve been playing for two years, give or take, and have yet to find a perfect defender. This system could solve that problem, without killing off the need for players to get defenders schematics.

Item Combiner

A system to turn two of one tier items (plus research points) into one of the next tiers would be great and it would slow down the littering of lower tier items in the game. This would give a use for all the materials that expeditions return, but more on expeditions bellow.



Introducing a new expedition unit, something like a plane or something, and adding new expeditions that return tier 5 materials would likely increase the usage of expeditions for ‘end game’ players. It could also be enhanced by adding survivor, hero, or schematic experience, to the cost of running the expedition, to increase the amount returned – if successful. Please balance these so they’re not nearly impossible to return successful.

I cannot speak for everyone but personally War Craft has been my primary target for expeditions, followed by any trap expedition. Between 60-90% of what I get from expeditions get destroyed, because it’s just not worth the inventory slots.

Rescue the Survivors and Rebuild the Radar Missions

These missions are tedious to do, because they can be completed much faster than 20 minutes. This leaves room for a lot of downtime. The best option to resolve this would be having an option to evacuate the mission once the initial ‘passed missions’ goal is complete. I’ve also heard the idea of adding additional radars to both missions.

Twine Quest Line and New Zone

If the twine quest line was introduced to get players ready for a new zone, I have an idea that could help make that transition. If the twine quest line rewarded mythic survivors to increase the total max power level to 132, the requirement to enter the new zone could be 132. I want to say, don’t make exceptions to this, don’t let players play on friends and enter the zone if they are not at the required level. This would give players something to work towards, and not just get carried or taxied into something.

Make the new zone hard. I mean hard. One issue I see with new content is that it’s beaten decently quickly. If the new zone is going to have longevity, it needs to be challenging and unless something is literally impossible please don’t nerf it. Take the last Frostnite nerf as an example.

New husk in this zone with immunity to some things, but vulnerabilities to other things. If we use the idea of the two shielders, the two could be combined into one that offers both benefits, but it takes extra damage from snipers, while having resistance to everything else. Or a smasher that has resistances to ranged weapons but is vulnerable to melee (like the old flinger). This would currently be ‘end game’ content, it’s completely fine if it’s not a cake walk for everyone.

Monetization ideas

When the games do go free to play, some things could be ‘DLCs’ to the game. Like a new zone. Each area zone could have a DLC area, and vbuck missions could have a higher chance to appear there with new mission rotations. The idea of a battle pass has been brought up before. It’s a good idea. There are somethings that will have to be balanced, but it could work.

Currently BR skins, emotes, etc. can be used in STW and STW pickaxes can be used in BR. If Epic wanted to attract more BR players to save the world, there should be an option to use STW skins in BR. STW players are buying BR stuff to use in save the world, there should be some slack from BR to allow BR players to use STW stuff too.

Storage Upgrades

There should be an option to get more Storm Shield Storage space. Selling this isn’t a terrible option. One way to do this is having additional tabs in the SSD to new storage tabs.

In addition to this, there could be a tab for a STW marketplace. Were you can list things to the community for gold. For example, I have 200 fibrous herbs and I want 200 gold. Someone looks at the marketplace for herbs and buys it. They get the 200 herbs and I get the 200 gold.

I hope to see some of these ideas in the game, in the future. Did I miss anything, or any additional thoughts?

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