If anyone thinks the game is in a totally unacceptable state, remember when we had ‘alerts’ as an invisible resource you could run out of?

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - If anyone thinks the game is in a totally unacceptable state, remember when we had 'alerts' as an invisible resource you could run out of?

You had to check the storm shield one website to look at your alerts (a third party tool) and no way to check them ingame. There were also different kinds that were used for different types of missions, it was really confusing and I never understood how it worked but all I knew was some people could get V-Bucks from the V-Buck missions and I couldn't sometimes, because I wanted to grind XP or tickets earlier and it hadn't been 24 hours to regenerate the alert yet.

Remember when we also had:

  • A gold cap at 5,000

  • Storm Shields only purpose being progress and 1-time rewards, and after SSD10 the zone's shield became a useless with nothing else to do

  • No advanced demolition, meaning in storm shields your pickaxe had to slowly break down structures. No building or crafting materials were refunded from destroyed traps or building pieces, either.

  • Remember when you could carry lower level players into public lobbies at an unbelievably high power level for them? Things like power level 20 players would be playing Twine Peaks missions.

  • X-Ray llamas did not exist, instead llamas were exactly like loot boxes.

  • The tar trap, sound wall and broadsides did not exist. The gas trap still being OP at the time made up for it a bit but trapping in missions tended to be incredibly boring and repetitive

  • Opening expeditions too fast would softlock you.

  • Fun dialogue questlines were rare, and amazing characters like The Major or Director Riggs did not exist. I specifically remember Ramirez taking the parts of those characters in certain parts of the storyline. I don't think Dennis popped up until Season 6. If there's anything the STW team has always done an amazing job at, it's making high quality and fun dialogue to listen to while completing your event quests.

  • The skill tree, where there weren't enough skill points in the entire game to unlock everything in them. Some players here love to criticize Epic's decision making (even if it's a little deserved) but that was truly, THE dumbest choice, and I'm glad it was improved upon.

  • Heroes were imbalanced and the only heroes people would play as were Urban Assault soldiers and DPS outlanders in public lobbies or 1 of 2 constructors for storm shields. Every other hero in the game was worthless by comparison. Glad Epic balanced it out and there's a nice variety of heroes, with the majority of them being viable.

  • Melee weapons, as well as the whole of the ninja class were severly underpowered and worthless.

  • Canny Valley lacking a storyline, and even a biome.

  • Plankerton looking the exact same as Stonewood. Now it has a nice wetland theme that's distinctly more lush and autumn themed than Stonewood's spring/summer atmosphere.

  • Lacking of emotes or any kind of locker. While slow, unsatisfying and boring gameplay can sometimes be the case in save the world (rescue the survivors mission after all the survivors have been saved), for a long while there was nothing to do that would spice up those missions. Now, not only can we emote after a long time waiting in 2018 and 2019, we can also wear skins. There's more to come, too, with an item shop and wraps for melee weapons and the hoverboard still on the way!

  • And, the one we all remember with pain… during the ENTIRETY of Chapter 1 (launch – end of Season X) there was Rampant AFK and toxic, 'leeching' behavior. There were no measures put in place to prevent it and a lot of players abused the hell out of it. You could press the launch button on a V-Buck mission, literally drive to the store and come back, and when you'd get back woohoo free loot and V-Bucks. These players that put in no work and would get 0/0/0 scores got the exact same mission rewards as people who built, fought, trapped, and contributed. I remember a lot of hatred towards the Striker A.C. and Bladestorm Enforcer heroes around 2018-early 2019 because players using them were notorious for complete and blatant AFK for full rewards, and not even trying to hide it. I would want to thank Epic Games for finally removing it, but letting the pain go on for so long… no. Epic needed to sort out their priorities and fix it literally YEARS before being fixed in Chapter 2.

I joined Fortnite: Save the World in Season 5 in mid 2018 and it's certainly been a wild ride! It's been so fun progressing to the endgame and watching this game evolve over the seasons. I made this post to show progression, and how far we've come by bringing back painful memories of other long-time players that are thankfully, just memories that are now no longer plaguing the game. It can seem that, at times, the STW playerbase and this subreddit in particular loves to rip on anything the save the world team does. There have definitely been some ups and downs, but we need to remember how far we've come and get out of the mindset that STW is dying or that things wont get better. Things that are huge, probing issues now would be minor inconveniences to people in 2018 who had experienced far worse.

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