If Epic won’t test their patches, they should go back to weekly updates.

Fortnite Preview screenshot onpage 1 1024x576 - If Epic won’t test their patches, they should go back to weekly updates.

TL;DR: Patches every week still bring bugs. Weekly patches will let bugs get fixed quicker.
Most of you won’t remember this, but, way back in the day (when constructors were slower than every other class) Epic used to do weekly patches instead of patches every two weeks. This, of course, led to a lot of bugs: they didn’t have much time to test their patches to make sure they worked. Patches that brought fixes to bugs came with more bugs. When they decided to start doing patches every two weeks, they mentioned this as part of their reasoning: they wanted more time to develop their patches before releasing them.

Patch 5.2 came with… a fair amount of bugs. The community on Reddit was, rightfully, angry: constant crashes (which were later replaced with no rewards) and new features brought over from br that made the game a pain to play at times were only some of the issues brought by the patch. As always, a group of people came to the defense of Epic: one of their arguments being “it’s a beta/early access: we are their test server”.


From my point of view, there doesn’t seem to be much improvement between then and now: patches that fix bugs still being bugs. People are still angry. Any testing that Epic is doing still lets bugs through. The only difference is that we have to wait two weeks minimum for a possible fix instead of one.

To me, it seems like going back to weekly patches wouldn’t be that bad: we’ll still have bugs. There will still be issues. The only difference would be bugs that can be fixed quickly would get fixed in 1 week instead of 2. Isn’t fixing bugs sooner better than having guns in the weekly store?

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