If you’re not happy with your matchmade team and haven’t invested time or materials, just leave.

Fortnite Preview screenshot onpage 1 1024x576 - If you're not happy with your matchmade team and haven't invested time or materials, just leave.

Last night I was in a PL76 RtD 4X Rain mission. I spawned in, built most of the defenses (to be finished once balloon landed) and went off to get the exploration badge and rescue survivors.

In the meantime, 3 other players had spawned in; one being quite under-powered but boosted to a few levels above the husks. As I was rescuing the last survivor, the under-powered player was putting "Help!" in game chat but I ignored it; thinking he was just struggling against a patrol or something.

I got the exploration badge then started heading back to the objective, which was about 20 seconds from being able to be shot down. It was at this point the under-powered player typed in game chat "(Playername) is going to make us fail" and I noticed the build limit had dropped significantly.

The player in question had destroyed all my traps and edited every non-trapped wall into an arch. By the time I got there, the balloon had already been shot down and was being over-run. There was nothing I could do to salvage the mission, which failed in mere seconds.

I messaged the griefer afterwards and he made excuses about not wanting to carry, completely oblivious to the fact that it was my materials and time (me being significantly higher PL than everyone else and could have easily soloed the mission) he wasted, along with 180-220 rain I missed out on. He then went on to say I needed to "buy a brain" if I thought he was wrong to fail it instead of leaving.


To make matters worse, the mission only had 30 minutes remaining when I started it, meaning I could have ran it twice before it reset, but the selfish actions of this griefer meant I could only run it once.

I'm unsure of each player's unboosted PL but boosted they were:

  • Me – 136 (116 unboosted)
  • Griefer – 124
  • Under-powered – 90
  • Other player – 101
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With those PLs vs PL87 husks it would have been nigh impossible for us to fail without the griefer taking it upon himself to ruin the game for the rest of the players just to satisfy his ego.

TL;DR – Griefing is never acceptable. While it may affect the player you have a problem with, it also affects every other player in that game too.

P.S. The under-powered player messaged me afterwards, offering to reimburse what he could of my wasted materials. I accepted and decided to bring him with me on my next attempt, which was successful with no damage to the objective.

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