I’m getting flashbacks of what Bungie did with Destiny and I’m terrified

index - I'm getting flashbacks of what Bungie did with Destiny and I'm terrified

The only difference is that you guys also have to deal with a shitton of bugs, but there are still some design choices that resonate with my experience and it's really bad

I'm a day one destiny player. I've seen the (rise? it always had a bad rep) and fall of that game. The design choices where they couldn't fu*king keep PvP and PvE separate led to an awful, stale, sterile and ultimately boring way to play the game in any kind of mode, be it pvp (osiris) or just pve stuff like raids. This had happened towards the end of D1's life cycle and went balls deep into vanilla D2.

Not everything is similar, but the way you are treating StW reminds me a lot of how they treated PvE when it came to balance patches in favor of "competitive" PvP. We're not getting guns nerfed here, but things like the fov and the edit windows, which were designed with BR in mind, have had side effects here, plus the almost unplayable state of the game (at least on console) and the global chat issue (which seems more like a solution now that it's off) really portray a bad impression for everyone who is dedicated enough to play this game for months on end


I don't play destiny anymore. They stripped away everything that made it special back in the taken king or beginning rise of iron days. Since then, StW has scratched my pve itch while BR scratched my pvp itch. In D2, they ruined everything with casualization, monotony, and lies; here, we seem to be going towards a future where things will be ruined by bugs, lack of features (and no, this isn't about pumping a reskinned hero or gun every week), lack of attention (to stw) and ultimately a sensation of disinterest towards this portion of the game, and therefore, its audience

I still love most of the staff. Magyst is dope, communication is always transparent and frequent, and you act really quick on some things, although they are minor in the grand scheme of things in my opinion

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