I’m honestly getting a little disillusioned with the state of things… Not the game… This subreddit…

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So, I know that this is going to be a controversial post, but there aren't many other ways to say it. I will try to make my comments polite and respectful, and I hope others here will do the same whether you agree with me or not.

I used to enjoy reading this sub. There was a lot of interesting discussion and content, but recently it’s just been a huge list of rants. I fully accept that some people are having a tough time with the game. Xbox in particular looks like a rough experience and you guys really have my sympathy.

But I’m getting really tired of the exaggerated angry yelling and screaming. Particularly the repeated and constant assertions that Epic doesn’t give a fu*k about STW. I have no real reason to defend Epic – they’ve slipped up on testing releases recently – but this is just nonsense.

  • They have a community manager in here who responds to stuff pretty much daily. This isn’t even the official forums – it’s a website which has nothing to do with them.

  • The last content release (New Canny Valley stuff) was barely more than 4 weeks ago.

  • The 5.4 patch has been announced as being focused on fixes and performance improvements, which is what we’ve been asking for. Yes it wasn’t immediate, but software releases get planned well ahead of time and really we’re talking a few weeks since problems started and being told they’re working on it and some of those improvements will be in the next version.

  • One recent bug which reduced a lot of server crashes was hot fixed in less than a day or two and we were updated on it.

None of the above is representative of a company who doesn’t give a shit any more. If that were true, we'd never hear from them again.

Honestly, I’ve had almost no significant performance issues at all. I play around 10-15 missions a day, every day, and the game has been absolutely fine for me besides small niggles which haven’t been game breaking. I run on a 5 year old home built PC with 3770K and a GeForce 970 which is well below what a lot of people here have and the game runs pretty much buttery smooth for me 99% of the time. I genuinely believe that there is a silent majority who are having a totally fine time with the game – I play with hundreds of them every week and talk on voice chat, and I hear nothing like the ranting that goes on in this sub.


It’s possible that for some unknown reason we have it easier on the EU Servers – I have no idea. Certainly our community seems to be less toxic – almost everyone helps out with missions/construction/objectives etc. even if we find ourselves in a game with people who speak totally different languages. So maybe that gives me a better view of things over all.

And then we also hear complaints about new stuff coming out (weapons, heroes etc.) while serious bugs aren’t being addressed. As several people have pointed out before me, it’s highly unlikely that the designer who creates the model for the weapon, or the guy who adds the new hero class into the game are even on the same team or even have the same skill set as the guys who write the net code/server code that are probably the source of a lot of the bugs, so new stuff coming out doesn’t mean the people who produced it could use the time better to fix bugs even if they wanted to.

I get that things have definitely been better. You’d have to be an id*ot to spend 5 mins in this sub and not see the level of vitriol these days, but I just don’t agree with a lot of the hyperbole about them trying to force people off STW, abandoning STW, or just not caring about STW. These guys spent years of their lives crafting this game, and I’m sure they still care. Yes, they’ve had a massive unexpected hit with BR and yes I’m sure that has changed a lot of their priorities over the past year, but I still believe that they will come good for us on STW and I just wish we could all be a bit less ranty about it.

Literally unplayable? Well if it is for you, I’m really sorry – that’s sucks and I hope 5.4 sorts a lot of this shit out. But it’s not unplayable for me and not for everyone on my friends list. The only thing is, you rarely hear from people like us.

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