I’m just a FaRMeR (all archeolos are toxic).

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - I'm just a FaRMeR (all archeolos are toxic).

Today I'm farming x4 missions and I use Archeolo Jess so when I'm the first person on building the defense (with T2 upgrade) when no one puts a brick on them, I can refill my mats on the same missions before the attack starts and also farm planks and other resources with no issues. Also because I farm so quick I'm giving randomly 2,5k mats of Wood/Brick/Metal on each mission (specially to Constructors) for don't drop them on all map due being 5k/5k/5k

But despite being me "just a FaRMeR", I fight like none could specially on EtS group mission.

On this last mission I found a funny Ninja telling that every Archeolo Jess is Toxic because all they do is farm mats and do nothing on the defenses, and wanted to challenge me with the score of the defense.

ezsuazyz0l231 - I'm just a FaRMeR (all archeolos are toxic).


So, here you are the score, 7650, censoring the name of that Ninja that challenged me, all he could say after seconds of silence was… "I guess you was using a PL106 weapon".

Yes, as a good farmer I am, I was farming mats until the defense started, so 95% of my Combat Score is entirely from Defending the Shelter with no traps placed, but as you could see, I do much more than just farming, because I'm an "AAA Farmer", I love farming mats AND farm the reward, so I contribute a lot to not miss the reward, and would also place traps if 1: were necessary for the victory (like atlas, lars, etc, not for ETS at least this PL), 2: Party is nice and I'm not the only one crafting traps.


Point of this Post is:

Don't judge Archeolo so easily, any Archeolo can be better than three ninjas or soldiers, same as any other hero if you use it well.

Not only depends of the person that is using the hero, also don't forget we're no longer bound to a branch of hero perks, thanks by the not so new hero loadout system, an archeolo can be more awesome than any other hero in the world if you use it well, same for any other commander.

4esm3h5k1l231 - I'm just a FaRMeR (all archeolos are toxic).

My Archeolo Loadout, using the Steam Scythe PL106 (dunno it's english name) on the mission plus the skills due the smoke screen modifier.

So, Please, Stop critiquizing commanders so easily, judge them in the end of the mission depending of their results. EVEN THE STRONGER SOLDIER CAN BE A P**Y FARMER OR AFKER and contribute Zero or do a very lazy defense.

Nothing more to say.

VIDEO of half defense (was not recording before):

Sorry about the music I was listening, lol.

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