I’m just tired of Leechers/Afk-ers, I just gotta say this…

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - I'm just tired of Leechers/Afk-ers, I just gotta say this...

Before reading this whole thing, I just wanted to say that I may be overreacting to this situation and possibly somehow be misunderstanding what a "Leecher" and an "Afk-er". Just thought to let you guys know in case it seems like it 🙂


I'm playing a PL 76 4 player mission as a PL 120, I join the mission with teammates (from what I remember are lower than PL 100 at least) 2 of them are playing as Archaeolo-Jess and the other played as a constructor. I join the mission after the initial defense of the shelter was already done, the shelter was lower than half health (19k hp) and as a constructor, went to building. Normally I make the general structure surround the objective, upgrade to T2, and go build some tunnels, I let my teammates upgrade it to T3 because everyone should contribute to the objective. However the complete opposite happens (well nearly), like earlier, I mentioned there were 2 Archaeolo-Jess and another constructor, instead I found out that there were 3 Archaeolo-Jess AFTER I already made the general structure and had upgraded it to T2. After realizing that I had those 3 outlanders, 1 of them was afk at the mission spawn point while the other 2 went around the map doing whatever they want, I asked them through text and voice chat if they could just upgrade the structures to T3, and obviously they didn't upgrade it at all nor at least gave me a reply. So I had to make everything T3, setup 45 degrees and floor launchers and upgrade the structures they were sitting on, I didn't even get time to make trap tunnels. Right before the second defense of the shelter, one guy comes and just waits for the timer to stop while the other 2 were still doing the same thing, afk and running around the map. After some time after the second defense starts, the afk guy FINALLY decides to help while the guy running around the map came along not too long after. We were successful at defending the mission but all my other teammates do is leave building the whole dang building to me and help me defend the shelter the second time, however they did help with the first defense of the shelter (I think) before I actually came into the mission. It's sad that Twine Peaks still has this type of player being a parasite to others, definitely need to find some ways to find to reliable people play with, because if I'm going to be honest, I was pissed during that whole game.

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