I’m not interested in STW anymore

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - I’m not interested in STW anymore

The beginning, it was fun to see how much different from BR this was and discover the best strategies, building pyramids and reverse pyramids to protect objectives, learning trap tunnels and when frostbite rolled around, realizing the potential of traps such as the god tier floor launcher and gas traps

Then the nerfs came, they weren’t a thing that killed my fun, just hindered it a bit, I had to think of new ways to use traps

Hero loadouts changed and while my main, Ice Queen, and just Outlanders in general weren’t broken AF anymore, I could find more fun with new characters and use their unique perks to make a playstyle I liked.

Storm king and MSK made me consider what the heroes I had in my loadout were and forced me to think of unorthodox stuff such as using player launchers with a soldier to keep up with the ninjas that helped me.

But after I got all the mythics, I’m just not interested in the game or the story despite really liking it. They keep adding side stories that can be mildly entertaining but also adding plot holes. Like, why can’t Willow just get all the ghosts of the people that died? She can literally catch ghosts. Why did the storm wait so long to make a clone of Dennis that feeds off of negative emotions. Why did it wait so long to use the Love storm? Where did the plot line with parts of the storm kings world leaking in our world go? TWINE STORY!? I get the point of leaving the story on a hopeful cliff hanger but the Dennis Jr story makes it seem like it’s completely pointless to do so.


They can get away with bluglo works because it does, but if you say, “don’t think about it” to all of the plot point of a story where the characters are trying to find out SOMETHING to defeat a nigh unstoppable enemy, the story seems kinda boring.

And the gameplay has received so many nerfs that I just don’t care for it. Rocket launchers that were strong but ate your resources now had their power weakened and had ammo that cost even more resources. Bows were super strong but I don’t thing they needed a nerf. The original was a rare, super powerful weapon.

Missions are repetitive and even the event missions such as Frostbite and dungeons have no appeal to me anymore, which is sad because I would think of the ways to best optimize frostnite as a PL40 player. I’m PL128 now, and I just don’t care…

Oh! And don’t get me started on the BRILLIANT idea of ventures

If I wanted to start the game from scratch again, I would’ve. It’s just such a bad idea to me, to say, “hey! You beat the game? Wanna start from the bottom again!? You can boost your traps level even further! :D”

Why?! What is the use of leveling these items up further if there’s nothing past this point!?

The only time on on this now, is if I need v-bucks and even then, I don’t really care…

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