I’m sorry but I’ve just got to ask

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Ever single mission in this game (along with side activities) is NOTHING but defending against waves and waves of enemies. So now they release the official event “horde mode”.

We’ve been playing horde mode since you guys released this damn game. Where are the new activities at?

We have the Atlas missions, and the weather balloon missions, and the double atlas, and the encampments, and the survivors (with the exception of finding survivors, you still have to defeat waves of the ones standing on vehicles) and the rocket missions and deliver the bomb…. etc…. the only one you can say isn’t defending against waves of enemies is building the radar tower…


Now yes you can argue every missions isn’t EXACTLY defending but the jist of it is we fight enemy after enemy and it gets old… where are the boss missions? Like actually difficult bosses to fight? Or some kind of puzzle or treasure hunt? Instead we get an entire event dedicated to the exact thing we’ve been doing.

Now before I end the rant I just wanna say I absolutely love this game and still play it daily but god damn man, I’m tired of this mentality epic has that all we want is defense. We want more objectives and activities that doesn’t primarily have to do with some sort of defense.

If I get hate that’s fine, it just needs to be said. And no I’m not super caught up with STW news so maybe they do have things in the work? I’m not sure.

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