I’m starting a clan for StW – Plz help me out

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Hello fellow fortniters and redditors,

Quick introduction I'm 32 years old and I live in Holland with my wife. Gaming is one of my main hobbies outside of family life, soccer and motorbikes. Due to a combination with a busy daytime job I have limited playtime but that doesn't mean I'm not dedicated to making this game more enjoyable.

What drove me here Leechers. It's that simple. This game is so much fun when you have a good team but the fact that RNG also applies to this side of the game takes away a lot. Due to game mechanics (no scaled difficulty, no kick system) it's very hard to overcome one or two leechers and even IF you manage to beat the mission you still feel sour because you helped someone that doesn't deserve it.

The solution Unite. Group up with people that are serious enough to provide a fun gaming experience. You have Discord ofc. but that is a barrier for some if not most people. It's not main stream enough for the casual yet serious people and some people feel more uncomfortable talking. A clan is something almost all gamers understand.

The plan Step 1 is to create a team around me that is willing to help out and get this thing started. What I need is three platform leaders (For PC, PS4 and Xbox ofc) that can organize things for their platform. Handle applications, questions and coordinating groups for different timezones. Ideally I would like to add someone that is willing to manage Reddit and Epic games forums in this regard and one that is willing to maybe set up a website.


Step 2: After the assembly of the core team I want to start the real recruitment process and make groups based on preferred playtime/timezone and platform.

Step 3: The most important step. Maintaining momentum and continue to improve and follow up on feedback. Platform leaders will play a crucial role in this. If need be we put a group leader on each timezone/platform group. Coordination is key. The most important thing is to have a solid application process to prevent major issues.

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What now? As I said I want to form a core team first so if you're interested please let me know and I will contact you. If you wish to just join the clan once it's up and running that's fine too. Leave you're preferred playtime, platform, preferred character and power lvl down below and I will put you in the database.

PLease note that this doesn't kick off tomorrow. I need time to organize things properly and define a more structured plan. I have a busy job so I can't always respond directly but trust me that I'm dedicated to make this work.

TL;DR: Starting a clan for STW, need some time to prepare though. If interested in an organizational role or just do join and group up with others please let me know down below.

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