Improve superchargers and survivor bonuses

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Improve superchargers and survivor bonuses

Once these crowd control changes get sorted out, I'd like for epic to make some adjustments regarding superchargers and survivor bonuses.

I think a lot of us feel like Superchargers barely do anything and on top of that we get so few that it would take us years to max out everything. I get it if epic doesn't want us to do so, but this is just ridiculous.

I'm my opinion we should be able to reach max PL in 5 venture seasons (about 1 year) and even that already feels so long considering it's only 14 power levels more; i think most people can get 50+ levels in 8 months or less.

As some of us don't like to grind ventures and have some spare gold I'd say it's better if we get superchargers in the event store. Something about 50 survivor superchargers for 100 gold, 15 weapon, 20 hero and 5 trap superchargers for 300 gold.

Another thing I'd like to see is a birthday shop where nearly every resource is available to buy in high quantities for example: 100k training manuals, 100 survivor, 40 hero, 30 weapon and 10 trap superchargers, 10 core reperk, 5 hero/weapon vouchers, 5k pdor.

Now let's start with weapon superchargers suggestions:

Once we apply 5 superchargers to a weapon, it will unlock another perk slot, making the difference between a supercharged and a non supercharged weapon much more noticeable.

Hero superchargers:

Similar to weapons, once we apply 5 superchargers on a commander, another support slot will be unlocked. Also reduce hero supercharger manual cost; why do we need nearly 5k to max out a hero and only about 3k to max out a weapon when the hero only applies OVERALL ~10% boost and the weapon straight up applies 14.5% boost

Trap superchargers:

Same as weapon superchargers

Defender and superchargers

As survivor superchargers would have high abundance, we would end up with tons of extra ones once we hit max PL, to lessen this we'd be able to use survivor chargers on defenders, increasing their stats by 14.5%, unlocking an extra perk and giving us the option to customize their perks. Also applying one of our skins on them would be very cool.


Survivor superchargers and bonus rework

As of now trap durability is the only bonus worth using, to fix this i suggest making each survivor give their own bonus, remove all current bonuses, increase base trap durability by 220-250% and add these new ones: Fortitude, Offense, Resistance and Tech bonus. They would work like normal F.O.R.T. stats except that they do not contribute to PL.

What would happen with our current bonus if this change got applied? Simple: they get changed to their relatively bonus, for example health gets replaced by Fortitude bonus; trap durability, ability damage and trap damage get replaced by tech bonus and so on.

Supercharging a survivor would make them give triple their bonus and also the option to change it.

For example 1 survivor gives +10 Tech, once it gets max charged its bonus would be 30, now let's fill all our squads with similar survivors and we'd end up with roughly 48% more power on a single stat.

I feel like this is kind of balanced, as current health bonus is supposed to give +120% or ability damage should give +80%. Keep in mind that although my suggestion would theoretically give less stats, it also comes with more benefits (Tech gives ability and trap damage, Fortitude gives health and health regen rate, etc.)

Introduce an 'apply to all' button for survivor bonuses, which as its name implies, it would change all supercharged survivor's bonus in a single squad.

TL;DR: Sell superchargers in event shop, make a birthday shop where most resources are available to buy with gold, make defenders able to be supercharged and give us the option to change their perks once they're fully charged, make superchargers add another perk slot/triple the survivor bonus and improve survivor bonuses.

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