Improvement Ideas For V-Bucks & Seasonal Banners

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Improvement Ideas For V-Bucks & Seasonal Banners

u/Alik294 had a post that titled Additional source of V-Bucks or X-Ray tickets last night that got deleted.

It was basically suggesting that Epic Games should bring V‐Bucks Back into the seasonal mission rewards, back into the collection book, and add them to Endurance Mode.

When I first read read it I thought it was just someone who primary played Battle Royal and is in Save the World only for the V-Bucks.

I asked for their Epic ID and that wasn't the case. I was amazed and apologized.

I was saying that I have encountered players who have admitted that they got save the world just to get the V-Bucks for Battle Royal and don't even try to get or use save the world's seasonal heroes and weapons unless they see something in there that will benefit them to progress faster.

So the only event they cared enough about was getting the Blast from the Past Team Perk and Fossil Southie to farm faster.

They don't use the multiple hero loadout's and have only a few heroes from each class only to get their daily's done for the V-Bucks in their farming build.

I then responded my ideas and suggestions about V‐Bucks:

1️⃣ V‐Bucks shouldn't be a reward for the collection book as your not putting V-Bucks into it except for the Mythic Leads so why should it pay them back out.

As a endgame player if we already have the book filled with our duplicates we most likely don't need anymore weapons, traps, or heroes except if we need the training manuals to level up all of our other heroes we will never use and to level up all of the weapons we will again never use too.

We should be getting choice Llamas as a incentive for filling the book that offer evolutionary materials (drops or rain, eye of the storm, lightning in a bottle, re‐perk, and perk-up), or Survivors (if we are are wanting full squads of Trap Durability and if the others ever match their text description and would be a viable option too). The higher you have leveled your book the bigger the choice rewards.

2️⃣ V-Buck missions should be required to be completed solo to stop the AFK/Farmers from not learning how to play the game and leaching off of those of us who did. Therefore not showing up in high end Twine where we would need either a Jail build or a mountain or traps

3️⃣ Storm Shields should require you to have x amount of traps leveled up, x amount of heroes, x amount of weapons, and x amount of survivors

Even doing this wouldn't stop people from AFK/Farming as they would still continue to do so until they get the required items leveled up.


It would ensure that when they do load into a game that if they decide to actually play the game that they should have something to contribute.

Epic needs to give rewards based upon your contribution score

If they did this then they can AFK/Farm all they want as it will be a slow grind to get their required items to progress to their V-Bucks.

4️⃣ Epic needs to change the daily reward missions

They need to remove all of the find and destroy missions as they require very limited gameplay to complete. They need all of them to be kill husks type of ones as it will make the lazy AFK/farmers have to play for their V-Bucks

To replace the larger rewarded ones they could change it to kill so many husks in Plankerton, Canny, and Twine from doing three AFK/Farming missions in those zones.

As an added benefit it will stop people from running all over the map and not contributing as they want to get their daily's done in the fewest missions possible so they can go back to their AFK/Farming mode.

Will doing any of this take away your V‐Bucks?

Not according to the games FAQs you will continue to be allowed to use them in Battle Royal.

Q Can you share V-Bucks between Save the World and Battle Royale?

A Yes, you can! Any V-Bucks earned/bought in Save the World or Battle Royale can be spent in the other game mode.

️⃣ *Epic Games also needs to change it's challenge banners reward system as the AFK/Farmer are after those too**

For seasonal banners rewarded for AFKing for X amount of Games or Let you random Squad carry you and get a perfect score.

It should be changed to Kill x amount of Husks in X amount of Games or kill x amount of husks in your squander with a perfect score.

Right there would make them help is they want the lower banner.

For the 140 banner's it should be changed to play a game in the seasonal map every day for the event killing x amount of husks.

This would give anyone a chance to earn it, fill the lobbies in the seasonal map, and require you to play the game for the reward.

If Epic wants to reward for a spotless 140 run then they can give a Llama, Huge amount or Perk-Up, or something else as a reward.

If you have any better ideas or suggestions I would love to hear them

Hopefully, Epic Games has some interesting ideas for these problems too

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