Improvements to Collection Book, Recycling, and Transforms

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Collection Book, Recycling, and Transforms are three systems with too much overlap and adds needless complexity to the game. Here are some of my suggestions to improve all three rather than talking about each as separate pieces.

(1) Remove recycling entirely. Instead, one will always use cards for Collection Book or Transforms.

(2) Collection book will allow one to re-collect an existing card, even if has that card of same level. This will (a) return back the same value of recycling plus (b) also give flux to be used towards changing rarity of cards or possibly in future re-roll system, and (c) will still give a small amount towards collection book level. This effectively would replace recycling system while also making collection book levels easier to achieve.

(3) Collection book will give bonus rewards for finishing each row of cards (like Halloween event did) and will also give another special reward for finishing page. These rewards could be a fixed bonus card, could be extra flux, and/or could be a new legendary card matching that row or page.


(4) Transforms will only be used to create cards of specific rarity (as the one shot cards do now). This will remove the greys-to-greens, greens-to-blues, etc. min-maxing XP mini-game with using transforms. Right now anyone that does not use transforms early and often screws themselves out of huge amounts of xp. Plus the system to all causal appearances looks to be for allowing players a new chance at a new card. Instead it is mostly a xp micro-managing mini-game system.

(5) Lower costs of transforms. It suddenly seems great when get your first set of epic or legendary 1 shot transforms. But then you realize how much you have to sacrifice to actually use it, especially Legendaries.

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