Improving STW’s Throwables & Consumables + Port-a-Fort 2.0

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Improving STW's Throwables & Consumables + Port-a-Fort 2.0

Now before everyone comes in here saying, "You just want this to BR" or "Epic should fix X,Y,Z, first", hear me out:

I've been playing since the 2015 alpha and I'm primarily suggesting we use these BR items in STW because

  1. These items are essentially COMPLETE. Of course in a perfect world I would LOVE for exclusive STW-only throwables and consumables but if you've been playing this game for any amount of time in the past few months you know thats to much to ask for unless you wanna wait 5 seasons. The art, icons, models, sounds, effects, and animations are ALREADY DONE all epic needs to do is just program them to work properly in STW which means MORE CONTENT, SOONER.
  2. Theres so much potential for these to work better in STW than they do in BR, remember that this game is supposed to be fun, so having more ways to deal with husks, more items to interact with the world, more QoL changes = more fun
  3. Being upset over things being added to the game because they're from the other mode is pointless because at this point we really can't be picky with what content we get drip fed so I'm trying to suggest features that already have most of the heavy lifting done so they can be added sooner.

So please try and understand before being angry because you saw the word "chug".

Improving Throwables

I think the throwable items in STW kinda got neglected after they got added as they just seem sort of shoehorned in and the way that most of them function are a bit strange in-game. They don't seem very effective most the time and they can just eat up valuable inventory space so I'd like to see the improved to be more useful and engaging giving players a reason to not only use them in the first place but to actually make you want to go out to loot them.

  • Adding a "Consumables" tab to the inventory
    • All existing and new throwables + consumables items (like coconuts, and wafers) would be stored here.
    • They would still expire at the end of every mission.
    • All items on this tab no longer take up any inventory slots.
  • Properly scale throwables' stats with zone respective PLs
    • This will make it so even the much more common and less powerful throwables like m80s will be a bit more potent and could adjust the drop rates for higher PL throwables when in higher PL zones.
  • Buff Existing Throwables
    • M80 – Increase impact damage
    • Bottle Rockets – Increase duration
    • Stink Bomb – Increase AOE and tick damage
    • Clingers – Husks stuck directly by clingers are stunned until the clinger explodes; does not effect mist monsters
    • Remote Explosives – Increase damage in proximity to the explosive, deals high structure damage in a larger area.
  • Add new throwables
    • Shockwave Grenade – Less knockback than impulse grenades but deals damage to husks and knocks them through non-player-built structures
    • Boogie Bomb – When thrown, all husks in a small AOE are forced to dance and cannot attack structures or players; does not affect mist monsters.
    • Shadow Bomb – Temporarily makes your Hero invisible to husks, removing all aggro. Shooting/attacking/building removes effect.
    • Dynamite – Explodes in a large AOE dealing physical damage, additionally all husks caught in the blast take fire affliction for a few seconds
    • Shield Bubble – Throw down to create a 1 way, 2-tile-radius barrier to shield an area for a small amount of time. blocks all lobber projectiles and bounces back flinger husks.
    • Chug Splash – A healing throwable that can be thrown on teammates to give them a quick small burst of health and shields; can not be used on yourself.
    • Air Strike – Calls down a swarm of missiles over a small area dealing damage to husks
    • Boom Box – Plays music overtime dealing damage and knocking down smaller husks, has the ability to make Mist Monsters dance.
  • Throwables will no longer have infinite stacks
    • Common Tier Throwables – Max Stack: 15
    • Uncommon Tier Throwables – Max Stack: 15
    • Rare Tier Throwables – Max Stack: 10
    • Epic Tier Throwables – Max Stack: 5
    • Legendary Tier Throwables – Max Stack: 3
  • Adjust Throwable drop rate and include them as rewards for completing zone activities
    • By this I mean make finding throwables more common as there is now a higher amount of them to be found, with higher tier throwables only being found in high level chests or by completing more difficult activities like super encampments, or drone salvages.

Introduce additional Consumables

As of writing, the only ways to heal yourself is through either very select heroes and team perks, adrenaline rush, and afking on one of the two heal traps in the game. This can lead to either very boring parts of missions in which you take several minutes to heal back to full doing effectively nothing, or forcing yourself to use certain heroes to make specific play styles viable and actually fun to play.


By introducing additional healing items it could allow for a bit more viability to certain builds by not needing to rely on specific heroes as much. These are NOT meant to replace or outshine the existing healing methods as to still give people a reason to use them but to give another actual OPTION to players besides being forced into the aforementioned methods.

  • All new and existing consumables will be added to the new "Consumables" Tab in the inventory being shared with all throwables, meaning they will expire at the end of each mission.
  • Consumables can be found in various containers, chests, and as activity rewards.
  • New list of consumables goes as follows.
    • Bandages – Takes 4 seconds to use, instantly heals you for 50 base health, can carry up to 15.
    • Medkits – Takes 10 seconds to use, heals you for 300 base health over 5 seconds, can carry up to 5.
    • Small Shield Potion – Takes 2 seconds to use, restores 75 base shield over 3 seconds, can carry up to 10
    • Shield Potion – Takes 5 seconds to use, restores 250 base shield over 7 seconds, can carry up to 7
  • All consumables can be used while walking.
    • Jumping, sprinting, attacking, or taking damage cancels the animation. (This change does not effect coconuts or wafers as those are still consumed instantly)
    • Potentially in the future heroes can be added that cover these weaknesses.
  • Bonus: Adding ground consumables in certain zones and areas that can be picked up and eaten for a small benefit.
    • Edible Apples – Can sometimes be found on the ground near trees in grassland, forest, and lakeside zones. Restores health.
    • Edible Mushroom – Can sometimes be found on the ground near caves and canyons in all zones. Restores health.
    • Edible Banana – Can sometimes be found on the ground inside of houses and stores in suburbs, city, and route 99 zones. Restores health.
    • Edible Pepper – Can sometimes be found on the ground near cacti and houses in desert, route 99, and ghost town zones. Provides a temporary speed boost.

Port-a-Fort 2.0

This suggestion would take a lot more work than the previous suggestions but it's an idea I've had for a long time and I figured it would be worth sharing here as I'm talking about almost all of the throwables in Fortnite.

It's always bothered me how the port-a-fort grenade got put into STW but Epic didn't bother to change it's structure at all from BR. So I thought, what if we were able to create our own Port-a-Fort blueprints? To balance this, Port-a-forts would need several changes:

  • Port-a-Forts can no longer be found through looting containers or as activity rewards.
  • Port-a-Fort are now an item that can be crafted at any time.
  • Port-a-Fort will go to the "Consumable" tab in the inventory.
  • Players can only carry one type of Port-a-Fort blueprint at a time.
  • Port-a-Forts can not be deployed unless all parts are constructable within the desired area, so no structures, terrain, or players can be inside the blueprint area.
  • When Port-a-Fort are deployed, they start from the building stage and are no longer fully completed when thrown.
  • Port-a-Forts can not be used while an Objective's defense stage is active.

Port-a-Fort blueprints can be designed in a player's storm shield through the console menu. Upon selecting to design a Port-a-Fort players would be transported inside the SS to a sort of small simulation room in which they can choose to design one of two Port-a-Forts.

  • First being the regular Port-a-Fort, in which players have a 3×3 tile box to work in.
  • Second is the Port-a-Fortress, a larger 5×5 box that is unlocked for use after completing Plankerton's story.
  • Both Port-a-Fort blueprints would have a 4 tile high limit.

When creating a blueprint for a Port-a-Fort, players can create any design that they want within the given space choosing what ever materials they please, wall upgrades and traps not included.

Crafting a Port-a-Fort blueprint will consume all of the materials designated, plus an Active Powercell (this is to limit Port-a-Fort spamming) from the Player's inventory. Having insufficient materials will mean you can not craft your Port-a-Fort until the requirements are met.

Port-a-Forts simulations would not account for natural land formation and are all designed for a flat area. This is so on-the-fly building is still utilized and still has it's place when objectives are in odd positions. Also so that it lessens the chance of there being an end all be all Port-a-Fort blueprint that is applicable in all mission types.

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