Improving the co-op experience

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I allready posted this on another thread made by Epic here: I think we need more constructive posts on this subreddit about how to change the current system into something better that actually incentivizes teamplay and punishes leeching at the same time. A reporting system is needed but why not improve the system so that less reporting is needed free-ing up time of the support staff to actually focus on things like billing issues and account issues. I think these changes would cut down reports by essentially 90%:

– Implement a proximity system for the main objective (players need to be near the objective to gain credit for the main mission rewards) like we have for the storm chests now.

– Implement a new scoring system (remove the current one) that tracks objectives/side-objective score only with a minimum treshhold (for example building a radar yields 100 points for that player, rescuing a survivor 50, putting blueglo in main objective 50, defending at main objective yields 200 points)

– Track activity (building on objectives/clearing encampments/rescuing survivors), non-active players get points deduced over time. Minimum treshold of 200 points needed for minimum rewards, better score yields better rewards (surv xp/schematic xp/etc.) at the end for the entire team (meaning 800 points total from 4 players only gives the minimum rewards).

– Being in the vincinity of the main objective is not enough, tracking damage done to monsters is a requisite for being able to reach those 200 points. Meaning players that want to do absolutely nothing but stand on the objective won't get credit. Tie this into the next point. Only players that actively kill monsters on the objective get credit for 'shared kills as explaine din the next point'


– Make killquests also based on proximity. It makes no sense to have to compete for mist monsters/elemental husks during the main defense because people want that perk up. Meaning player A gets credit for the kill of player B as long as they are in proximity of each other.

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– Remove perk-up from main mission objectives, push them towards side-objectives like survivors/radars/encampments so people can choose to farm these in all mission depending on what they need. This to prevent high-level players in low level missions and low levels in high level missions to farm leg perk-up. Move legendary perk-up to the difficulty pylon so that it is actually worth it.

– Remove gold from pylons, move gold to the point system, meaning the more points (side-objectives, bonus) a team has in total, the more the teams get. (Because you spend more time in a mission)

– Make side-objectives actually party wide, finding T5,T6 chests should reward the entire team as long as they are within the activity threshold. Meaning they contribute to the game. Give outlanders like Jess actually an incentive to find these chests for the team

– Dropping building materials for other players should yield score points for a player as long as others pick them up. (like 10 points per 100 mats)

– Remove idle time from the game, after a radar mission, encampment misison, survivor mission is completed give people the ability to either leave the mission gaining full rewards or vote on ending the mission so people can leave.

I'd love to hear what other players think about this.

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