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Hello FortniteBR,

In the recent patch, Epic introduced a new Mythic weapon to the game: the Infinity Blade, a homage to the Infinity Blade series. Its inclusion has been controversial and has sparked heated debates online, particularly within this subreddit. In an effort to both allow this feedback to be heard and to ensure the subreddit isn't dominated solely by sword-related posts, we have created megathreads. We do this for most additions to the game because the subreddit is often saturated with posts. If we do not remove constant complaint posts or requests that the sword be moved into an LTM, that is all the subreddit will consist of. It is our responsibility to ensure that all discussion is seen and one subject doesn't dominate the forum.


A large faction of the mod team does not like the sword either, but we see no benefit to allowing the spam of threads that provide no new talking points, and no additional value to the discussion. We believe a megathread allows individual points the exposure they deserve, while also maintaining the subreddit's cleanliness. We have also made Epic aware they can find feedback in the megathreads. If we need to revisit this strategy, we will.

Past Megathread

Epic Posts about the Infinity Blade:

Infinity Blade — Known Issues

Let's talk about the Infinity Blade

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