Introducing a more lenient ruleset: Rules 2.0

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The rules are now far less strict overall, but we still have a minimum requirements. The bar has been lowered and will be monitored. We allow more memes, fluff and posts overall now. We believed we had a history of over-policing the content rather than allowing the voting system and general quality guidelines to speak for themselves.

We have noticed a lot of community dissatisfaction with our ruleset and our removals, increasingly so since our last revision. The team has decided to take a few days to review each rule in detail, looking at what doesn't make sense on a community gaming forum. All of this being said, we've ultimately decided to change the rules significantly. This doesn't mean that we will be allowing template memes, but it does mean we will be allowing more humor posts, more fluff posts and generally more posts overall. We still want to allow, encourage and foster Fortnite meta and in-depth game discussions here. This is the general "forum" for Fortnite: Save the World and we want all content to have a chance here.

Based on our own internal discussions as well as feedback from the community, we believe we have a history of over policing the content rather then allowing the voting system and general quality guidelines to speak for themselves. As Reddit moderators, our job isn’t to curate the content but rather keep everything in line, content bans should be applied retroactively instead of proactively and after there has been a reasonable amount of observations about the flood of one type of content that cannot be controlled because it is more easily digested than other content.

Additionally, the goal of all these rules is to make them easier to enforce as a team. Previously our rules were a bit too dependent on the moderator assessing the post at the time, and we apologize for that. We realize we had a lot of faults with our past enforcement and ruleset, and want to begin making good on that by making our own rules easier for everyone to agree on if a post should or should not be allowed.

Below we’ll outline the rule and policy changes as well as the reasoning:

Post Quality Fortnite Content


  • We will begin to allow "Perk discussion questions" about weapons/traps outside of the Tuesday Megathread (such as "what do I reroll or perkup first on this gun?").

  • We have merged the “no petitions” rule into this rule as there was very little need for it to be a standalone policy. We do not receive many inquiries for this type of content.

  • We have removed the “short jokes are not allowed” restriction because we find little benefit in policing the content based on the length of the humor beyond what we have already determined to be an appropriate body length as a team for submissions in AutoModerator.

  • Our complete “no phone photos/videos” rule has been changed to allow phone photos/video when the situation is reasonable, such as when there is no other possible way to reasonably capture the situation. We believe that the other rules will cover this when it is an issue but overall want to be more lenient.

  • We have changed our “no stolen content” rule into a new stance that allows reposts of others’ content as long as the original creator receives proper credit in either the title or the comments.


The general thoughts behind the changes here are that we flat out removed too much for low quality. We want to allow shorter jokes, nostalgia posts and fluff posts that show off the best the community has to bring. We will be enforcing the quality aspect of this less, where as only posts that are blatantly low quality (phone pictures, stick figures, template memes) will be removed.

Title Guidelines


  • We removed the policy “Making a post where the title is the only thing related to Fortnite is not allowed.” because we want to be slightly more lenient on allowing things that aren't directly Fortnite related but bring a point to discuss.

  • Previously our rule about clickbait titles was present in both “Post Quality Fortnite Content” as well as “Title Guidelines” under different wording. As such, one was removed for being a duplicate. It is no longer present under “Post Quality Fortnite Guidelines”.

  • We moved “Posts of clickbait social media titles are not allowed.” from “Post Quality Fortnite” to “Title Guidelines” because this rule set is a more appropriate place for a title-based rule to be located.

  • We removed the policy “When posting links from Twitter, post titles should be as accurate to the source as possible.” because this type of policy is typically geared towards more professional sports communities due to the professionalism involved and isn’t necessary in our community. Overall, this policy felt extremely unnecessary and was rarely ever enforced, if ever.



In addition to what we wrote above, we want to allow things that are tangentially related to Fortnite that are also opening up room for discussion. We will also be allowing posts from one user to another, so if someone makes a huge sprawling design in their SSD and another person wants to say "I just had to one up that design" by building a more elaborate SSD creation, this is now allowed. The main reason for this rule will now be that Title Guidelines will mostly require titles for posts to have context and not be clickbait.

Humor Guidelines


  • We removed the rule “This means copy and pasting assets from Fortnite onto something non-game related is not allowed". This means copy and pasted Fortnite assets on top of non Fortnite assets are now allowed on the subreddit, granted that they follow the other rules. Because this rule is essentially rededuant with our template meme policy, there is nothing wrong with users adding Fortnite content to something non-game related and that does not determine the quality of a post. This used to be something we'd remove, and would be a controversial topic to discuss. Now, we will let the subreddit filter it out naturally by upvoting/downvoting said posts. This will allow us to "Moderate" more in terms of actual subreddit issues, and not posts like these.

  • Removed “Short jokes, puns, or similar posts are not allowed. Longer, humorous content and relevant satire are allowed.” As long as the user is abiding by our content length guidelines, there is no reason to enforce this rule.


Humor should be allowed if there is something unique brought to the table. We want to allow shorter humorous content while also removing the "low effort" memes that you see so often. This means if a meme is done in a popular format that is not special to Fortnite in any way like a spongebob meme, despicable me or any other commonly found template meme then we will be removing it. However, these were probably 1-3% of removals, and will be approving humor content more often now.

No Witch Hunting or Posting Personal Information


  • We have condensed the rule down to say in simpler terms that no matter the circumstances, to not post any personal information about a person, organization, entity, etc. The overall rule is still the same, however, now its changed to a more easier-to-read format, while still staying true to its original intention.

Frequently Posted Topics


  • This rule should essentially only be used to address reposts and new topics, now.

  • The first bullet point previously explained what the first paragraph did. Most of what changed about this rule is the bulk of the paragraph being removed due to it’s insane redundancy. The fat is cut, it’s gone. This rule is enforced the same way, we don’t want thirty posts saying the same thing, but we don’t need thirty sentences to explain that one thing.

Promotion Guidelines


  • 10:1 guidelines are now applicable across Reddit. This was agreed on in our monthly meeting. If 10% of a user’s posts on Reddit are their own submissions or are comments on their own submissions, then they are in violation of our promotion guidelines.

Posts Must Provide a Point For Discussion


  • Majority of removals regarding this removal reason were on posts with hundreds, if not thousands of comments a day. There is no reason to be removing posts for not encouraging discussion when there are literally hundreds of comments on that post.

  • We now allow posts in reply to another post, we found that we were removing posts communicating between others for no reason. Posts that spam the same content would get removed regardless of if it was in reply. This rule effectively kills the types of meta memes that other subreddits have and are enjoyed in their communities. This allows for unique interactions that make the subreddit more human.

  • LFG is still not allowed, however we will be modifying our removal reasons to include links to alternate places where LFG can take place – notably the Official Fortnite Discord, the Reddit Discord, and our own Megathread.


As said above and in another breakdown of the reasoning behind these changes, we now allow posts in reply to another post, we found that we were removing posts communicating between others for no reason. This policy will receive a heavy enforcement change, since we found ourselves too often removing posts for not encouraging discussion based on the sub-points of this rule rather then the actual main context of the rule. All posts should bring up something to discuss, but not to the point that it's college level debate required.

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