Introducing r/FortniteMeta

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**TL;DR We've created a new subreddit as an outlet for discussions about the subreddit specifically and not Fortnite itself, such as rule discussions and feedback. Check it out at FortniteMeta.


It seems that for a while now, there has been an increasing number of users concerned about the state of the subreddit. We would love to see all the problems and suggestions everyone may have, but this subreddit is not the place nor the most convenient place to give such feedback.

From the beginning, this subreddit was designed for content related to the game only. As a result of this, FortniteMeta was created. We're taking a page from fortnitebr (as they have fortnitebrmeta) in order to better build the subreddit everyone wants together.

On the subreddit, you can discuss topics involving Fortnite itself. It is NOT for Fortnite content, but for helping shape the subreddit more democratically.

Keep in mind though, we can only try our best. We will never be able to completely satisfy 100% of the subreddit.

What else is it for? The subreddit is primarily designated for the following things:

  • Rule Discussion
  • General Subreddit Discussion
  • Feedback and Suggestions
  • Changelog

Can you give some examples?

Good Post

Title: Low Quality Post or Meme Changes

Content: There has been a lot of inconsistency lately with the removal of posts deemed as violating the "Low >Quality Post or Meme" rule. I believe that some clarification is needed for future posts.

For instance, was removed for violating the rule but was allowed to remain at the top f the subreddit for an extended period of time.

Why is this post good?


A post like this does a lot right. It clearly states the basis of the discussion and provides evidence to backup the need for such a discussion. I cannot exaggerate enough that discussions are meant to bring about clarification or changes.

The subreddit is NOT for you to complain about your post being removed, but for a trend of posts violating/passing rules when they should/shouldn't.

Bad Post

Title: The Promotion Rule is Stupid

Content: My post was removed and it didn't violate the rule. Why should I have to make comments to post my Twitch stream to the subreddit?

Why is this post bad?

This is a terrible post and a misuse of the new subreddit. It only applies to an individual post and the author provides no references to any posts or comments for evidence/review. This kind of post is not constructive and would be removed.

Why should I care? If you have ever been one of those people complaining about the rules, or complaining about what the moderators can do better, this is your chance now to be heard! The new subreddit will be dedicated solely as an outlet for everyone to tell us how to do our jobs! /s

In all seriousness though, please visit the subreddit for subreddit related discussion. Hopefully we'll tweak the rules to a point that most people are happy.

Anything else? Misuse of the subreddit will result in a temporary ban. Obvious misuse (spamming, intentionally off topic) will result in a permanent ban from the subreddit, and potentially the main subreddits as well.

The subreddit is also designed to be viewed on the new Reddit redesign, as it will serve as our grounds for future redesign exploration.

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