Introducing the New Flair Picker!

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Hello FortniteBR!

Lots of users have been requesting for new flairs of skins to be added. Such as: carbon commando, bandolette, marino, lucky rider, laguna, kuno, kenji, psion, axiom, malice, beastmode, slugger, fastball, molten valkyrie, and molten battle hound.

You're probably thinking "Well yeah, you added all the others, why not these?"

Simple. Reddit has a User Flair Template limit of 350. With the Fall Skirmish flairs, our special ones (like the best of flair), and the mass amount of skins that exist in Fortnite, we've hit this limit.

Now, we could go through the data and remove the least-used skins, but that's not really fair to the people who use them, or may want to in the future.

So I came up with another solution, one that most other subreddits use. You can now message
FortniteStatusBot - Introducing the New Flair Picker!

/u/FortniteStatusBot to assign a flair.

There's 2 ways to go about this.

Method One:

Select a flair from my website and send the generated message to the bot.

Click here to visit the flair selection page. My website is not anything special, and this page isn't very optimized for mobile. I'll be working on it as I get time to make it easier to use on mobile and other devices.


Simply choose BR or STW from the "mode" dropdown, then select your flair by clicking (or tapping) one of the flair images. A new button will appear, clicking it redirects you to reddit with a pre-filled message to send to FortniteStatusBot. Hit send, and wait for the "Success!" message from the bot.

Method Two:

Sending a message directly

You are welcome to skip using the website and message the bot directly. However, it will not listen to just any message. You have to follow a strict format:

Message Subject:


Message Body:



Valid options for subreddits are: FortniteBR, FortniteCreative, FortniteMobile. (You can mix and match, or use one, or all 3. Just don't add the commas.)

Fortnite can be used, but must be standalone, it cannot be updated along side the others. Doing so may result in the incorrect flair being assigned.

As for the flair name, just put in the actual name of the skin. Eg: Bandolette, Malice, Rust Lord, so on.

After it's filled out hit the send button, and once again wait for the "Success!" message from the bot.

P.S: I've never had more than 5 people visit my site, if it dies I'm sorry. I've never produced something for potentially thousands to use.

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