Is Commando the best Mini-Boss killer?

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Prior to the Decoy nerf, I used to run Controller in mini-boss missions due to the fact that I can distract the boss & slow them down greatly with Slow Field+a Snaring weapon like HackSAW whilst being able to Bull Rush them back into the field should they get out of it.

But since the nerf, I've been looking for alternative ways to deal with them as quickly as possible & I recently picked up Commando, a Soldier that I had only been using as my Enforcer's Tactical. I'm not really a fan of using Soldiers that much since they lack the safety net of Contructors of ensuring the husks don't get to overwhelming with BASE/Decoy or the mobility that Ninjas & some Outlanders offer. But I wasn't entirely against them, as I really enjoy using Master Grenadier & Shock Trooper.

My god, this Soldier has everything I could ever dream for.

Debilitating Shots+Lingering Pain+Kneecapper? Check.

Shockwave to get rid of husks that are too close? Check.

Minigun that lasts 15s, deals Energy damage, & has a downtime of just 32s? Check.

(Also a bonus, the minigun can be used to clear structures for a clean line-of-sight for defense missions)


So what makes him so great against Mini-Bosses? He can apply 5 stacks of Kneecapped Debilitating Shots for 45% bonus damage, his minigun deals Energy damage so it's useful against elemental bosses, & most importantly, he can apply the 5 stacks of DS, then use his minigun on them which also is NOT affected by the ricochet modifier.(might not even be affected by the Smokescreen one either if that's the case) Have you ever seen a mini-boss deleted so quickly in a high PL zone before? Neither have I until I ran this beast of a soldier.

Not only that, his DS+minigun combo is so powerful, that I was actually able to deal a chunk of damage against a Tank Trap-Vulnerable boss. It's insane how powerful this skill really is until you actually use it against something as tanky as that.

If I could change anything about this Soldier, I would swap his Rucksack perk for Heavily Armored since he's pretty vulnerable in Goin' Commando for 15s, so the extra damage resistance would really help against Lobber gas, Blaster blasts, Zapper zaps, & of course bees. Other than that, he's perfect in every way.

Any other Heroes that you use specifically for deleting mini-bosses?

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