Is my Jail Build about to get nerfed? Thoughts?

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Is my Jail Build about to get nerfed? Thoughts?

I know this is all speculative, but Jails are my pet project, and my biggest contribution to the community (so far). So yea, I care, and hell, let's be honest, speculation is fun so I'm curious what you guys think (link to guide below in case you don't know what a jail is). Here is where I am at on jail nerfs, which is basically where I have always been…

{Please read this before you down-vote at least, and if you agree, please up-vote this so Epic can see a different side than, "JAILS OP". I've never asked for up-votes, and probably never will again, but this case seems different,and like I said, I care, so thanks and sorry to beg for up-votes.}


Literally since day one of me posting a guide on jails, people have been saying it would get nerfed. Even before actually, because a lot of my builder friends did not want me to post the guide in the first place, fearing immediate nerfage. My argument then, as it still is, is this:

JAILS ARE NOT OP, and need no nerf; in many situations in the game, they are not even a good strategy! Jails are not an exploit, or an auto win. They are just smart use of game mechanics. In the vast majority of content, even when jails are the(one of the) best options, they take a lot of skill to pull off. They are not an impenetrable defense alone, and usually have to be incorporated into some larger more complete build (i.e., defend the west side by dropping the mobs off that cliff into a jail, etc…) That takes a ton of skill as a builder, which is why you don't see (many) people popping up jails all over the place, like to defend one atlas in a 3 atlas (or something like that). Because unless you are already VERY SKILLED at funneling mobs (to get them into any traps, jail or not); it probably won't work. Now where do jails ALWAYS easily face-roll the mission? RTDs! Because of this, I have argued since day one, in an of themselves, JAILS AREN'T OP, OR AN EXPLOIT.


JAILS FACEROLL RTDS because of… SPAWN MECHANICS IN RTDs. Right? think about it. RTD spawns 1) Never have "hard" mobs in the initial spawn, and 2) will not spawn more if you don't kill. It is important to realzie that is jsut an easy mechanic to faceroll, with LOTS of differnt builds, as long as its any form of stall. Which is why… ANY STALL FACEROLLS AN RTD, there is nothing about jails uniquely that does this. So even if you think that jails in RTDs are an "exploit", its not the jail cuasing the "exploit", it is the spawn mechanic, which can always be "exploited" as long as you don't kill things (i.e., any stall build). This is why I think that…


1) EPIC SAYS "SPAWN MECHANICS" are what is exploitable (jsut like I do) and what they are going to change (even though also they say traps).

2) EPIC's TRAP EXAMPLE IS GAS, a damage trap, so not even remotely realted to stalls or jails. I wouldn't have expected the big nerf hammer to fall on gas, so clearly thier head is in a different spot than mine about whats OP and what is not, but hell I build stalls mostly anyway..



LINK: If you have no clue what this is about or what jails are:


Tag /u/beohb6 ,since we were just talking about this, and you are one of the original endgame a**-kickers with jails, and one of the small group of endgame builders (besides me) that actually does use them as a general tool in your building arsenal, not just a way to face-roll RTDs.

Tag /u/magyst if you are not the right guy to tag, please forward to whomever is. Thanks!

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