Is the High Level STW Player Base Shrinking Rapidly?

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Is the High Level STW Player Base Shrinking Rapidly?

I checked the new mission rewards when they reset last night (9 pm ET) and was happy to see a 4x Re-perk quad Atlas PL100. Finally I'd be able to get more Re-perk since the new Perk Caches are almost nonexistent. In about 90 minutes I was able to complete the mission once. Here were the issues:

  • Several times no one joined and after waiting a few minutes I abandoned the mission
  • A few times the Atlases were so spread out that defending them was not worth the tremendous amount of resources it would take so everyone left
  • Twice there were AFKs, the first went AFK after the defense started and I didn't realize it until we were almost finished and the second built a box to protect himself at the spawn and after destroying the box and luring a group of Husks over to him I left
  • The last one I attempted only had 3 of us but 2 of the Atlases were in the air so it looked doable. Midway through one of the players decided to reverse my inverted pyramid that I had trapped properly to a pyramid and it quickly fell because of a propane wave. I stood there and watched as the Atlas was destroyed.

The one mission I did complete (the first with an AFK) gave a disappointing 168 Re-perk. I was expecting at least 250, maybe more since earlier in the week a 4x Pure Drops of Rain at a lower PL was giving over 250 every mission. Worse yet was looking back that I earned more Re-perk from that single mission than I had from the prior 3 days (25-30 hours total) of getting the new Perk Caches.


Back to the point, where was everyone last night? I've never had an issue filling lobbies in PL100 4x missions and would certainly not expect it when the reward is the most sought after resource (well maybe second to Epic Perk-up) in the game. There were no crazy modifiers (i.e. Exploding Deathburst). I was expecting lobbies filled with PL100+ players but almost every time it was one or two PL94-95, who barely meet the mission requirements and no one else joined. Did everyone go back to BR since they got an amazing in game event and real time change to the map? I know the negativity and number of posts here saying people were quitting is at an all-time high but is it actually happening?


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