Is there much point in playing FN if you don’t play religiously?

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Is there much point in playing FN if you don't play religiously?

Edit: I realize I've come across as a bitter loser here instead of someone who wanted a healthy discussion so I apologize for that.

It feels like I'm in a lobby with 95 twitch streaming professional wannabee's.. when I played in S1-3 it was so much more chill and enjoyable but now it's just an absolute sweatfest of a game. It desperately needs a separate ranked game mode. People of all skill groups would benefit from a ranked mode.

I've nothing against people who want to play competitively but for the sake of those players and the ones that don't want to play 24/7 to keep up, please give us a ranked mode to separate us a little. The "storm" isn't actually a storm, it's all the body odor from the masses of sweat converging onto a single location over the course of the game.

There are people who are better than me, and also those who are worse. I'd just like a ranked mode where I won't shit on people who are worse than me and get shat on by those who are better. I know I'd improve so much more playing against my own skill group, and I'd assume good players would get even better playing against their skill group and not just against people who are mostly worse.


Pros get to play scrims, which is kind of like high elo ranked play for them. You have to be very good to get into it and everyone you play against is a top tier player, they do this because that's the best way for them to improve and often it's more fun than just pooping on everyone and not getting any better.

Likewise, those who aren't as great probably don't find it too entertaining to get constantly pooped on and would really enjoy playing against similar skilled people. Of course I'm just making assumptions here LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW AND DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE.

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Edit: The ranked mode would be separate from the solos we play today, those who enjoy the chaotic clusterfu*k that is solos/duos/squads will be happy and those who want an even and competitive playing field will also be happy.

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