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One month ago we launched our public Issue Tracker. We greatly appreciate everyone's help in identifying and tracking down all of those pesky issues. With that being said, we want to continue to raise awareness about the page so that you, the community, can keep up to date on where we are.

Where can I find/access the Issue Tracker?

We're tracking and updating your top community concerns on our Issue Tracker here.

I’m experiencing problems with the latest update. Are you aware of these issues?

There are a number of fixes set to release next patch. This includes the issue with chat options not functioning properly and seeing your Squad slots as being locked. We also have labels that display the current status of all listed issues. This will allow you to stay updated in future patches.


Is the Issue Tracker specific to Battle Royale or Save The World?

Known issues for both game modes are listed on our Issue Tracker and we have separate sections dedicated to both BR and STW. This allows you to easily differentiate between the two.

Why isn’t my problem on the Issue Tracker?

Even if it's not listed there are other problems we’re working on fixing. Remember that the Issue Tracker is here for gameplay impacting issues that are high frequency, common occurrences, or game breaking. Please let us know if you’re experiencing an issue by reaching out on our social channels or reporting it via the in-game feedback tab.

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