Item Resetting and Recycling

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Item Resetting and Recycling

In update 7.20 we are enabling a brand new “Item Reset” feature. Schematics, Heroes, or other items will be tagged “eligible for reset” if they are impacted by a significant balance or design change. When you view one of these eligible items in your Armory, you will have the option to reset the item, which returns it to level 1 and sets all attached schematic perks back to the rarity level they started at. In return, you will receive all of the XP, evolution materials, RE-Perk, and Perk-UP that were spent to perform those upgrade operations.


Each flagged item can only be reset one time, and if you choose to upgrade the item (level it up, change the perks, etc) you will lose the ability to reset it. Items that have had their rarity increased with Flux will remain at their new rarity, and the Flux will not be returned. On newly acquired items we will track the starting rarity of each Perk and return them to those levels on a reset, but for existing items we are assuming any Perk that is above the minimum rarity for a given slot has been upgraded, and will return Perk-UP and RE-Perk accordingly. Note that RE-Perk spent to change one perk into another will not be returned, although the perks you selected will still be present on the reset item.


Additionally, we’re improving the resources returned when you recycle/retire a Schematic, Hero, or other item type. They will be consistent with the amount given by the new reset function, which means you will receive 100% of the XP back, as well as the RE-Perk and Perk-UP for any upgraded perks on the schematic. Evolution materials and designs/manuals were already being fully returned, so that functionality will not change.


In update 7.20 we are going to flag all weapon schematics and heroes with armor perks as being eligible for a reset, due to the recent replacement of damage resistance perks with armor perks. In the near future we are going to be rolling out significant changes to the Hero Loadout system, and will likely make all heroes eligible for a reset at that time.

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