ITEM SHOP in STW: An in-depth concept on cosmetics (With pictures)

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - ITEM SHOP in STW: An in-depth concept on cosmetics (With pictures)

For a long time, cosmetics in STW seemed like they just couldn't fit because of all of the different classes, characters, model types, and heroes. However, I have put together a little concept on what I think an item shop in STW could be like.

Note: I put Catstructor Penny in the shop just because. I'm not implying they should sell a Penny skin that already exists as a hero. All skins sold in the STW item shop should be new, something we've never seen before.

Character model skins

I imagine that the only way cosmetics in STW could really work would be by going by character model.

For example, Penny is a character in STW. So, if the devs made a Penny skin, it would ONLY be compatible with Penny heroes. If the devs made a Ramirez skin, it would only be compatible with Ramirez heroes. And so on.

These skins could be selectable styles for the hero they are compatible with.

BR and STW compatibility

In this concept, I am imagining that all emotes, pickaxes, and back blings from BR could transfer over to STW, and vice versa.

However, I do think that not all cosmetics introduced to STW should be hand-me-downs from BR. STW should introduce new things, too.

How could this benefit the game?

  • More money for STW to continue with more content, faster bug fixes, and frequent updates.
  • Brings a new interest and incentive to buying vBucks.
  • Attracts new players that can invest themselves into the game.

The item shop concept:

In addition to character skins, emotes, back blings, and pickaxes could also be sold in the shop.

Let me know what you guys think! Would you buy cosmetics for STW?


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Item Shop

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Confirm Purchase

Side note:

Before you leave a comment talking about how pointless this is, PLEASE see the light at the end of the tunnel.

STW NEEDS MONETIZATION. You want fast bug fixes? You want frequent updates? You want more, better, new content?

A one time payment of $20 is not going to cut it, especially when the game will be free to play eventually.

Before you leave your comment about how YOU wouldn't like this in the game, think about this: other people would pay for this. You might not, but other people will. To support the developers and to support the game.

Why would monetization for this game be such a horrible thing? It could literally only benefit you.

I love this game. I love it so much I paid for EARLY ACCESS. Like all of you, we basically preordered the game and accepted it as unfinished. When STW is free to play, it is going to need some form of revenue. All games do.

I make these concepts that can actually provide for the longevity and popularity of the game because I know that I personally want to see this game thrive.

We cannot keep asking for more more more when currently there is no system of monetization in STW besides llamas (which you can buy with daily vBucks), founders packs, and buying early access. Honestly none of these are effective, in my opinion. None of these things sound like they will support the game long-term.

And I leave you with this to think about before you are quick to dismiss this concept.

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