It’s A Trap!

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to share some trap tunnel designs I've been using. I know at least 1 of these was shared before. Most people probably know these but I had fun making the blueprints. Enjoy…

Designs in blueprint

Let me explain a little bit about the designs…


I broke down designs into 4 categories:

  • Straight
  • Corner
  • Funnel
  • Tunnel

I will explain the difference between Funnel and Tunnel first. Funnels basically take a wide area and shrink it down to 1 tile. Tunnels are really for times when you can ensure husks are going to come up via 1 or 2 tiles. Tunnels have 1 single path that husks will follow while Funnels have 2 (in this case).

Straight vs Corner… Straight designs are for when the spawns or natural terrain moves husks "straight" toward the objective. Corner is for spawns that are diagonal to the objective. Easy right?

The goal of every design is to not give husks a reason to break walls or go around. There should be a pretty straight path to the objective. I tend to use partial walls sparingly. The only place I put them is where I noticed husks cutting passed launchers.



So there are a couple of locations to consider when placing traps:

  • Entrance(s)
  • Exit
  • DoT Locations
  • Launch Locations

You also need to consider 3 husk types:

  • Fast Trash (Dwarf)Normal
  • Trash (Husk, Pitcher, Beehive, and Lobber)
  • Heavy HP (Huskies, Sploders, Smashers, and Blasters)

Entrances should contain Electric Fields (preferably 2). These are good at clearing out Trash mobs. The worst thing for your designs is the fast little husks. Without spikes they tend to just run through traps, setting them off but not getting caught.

Launchers are normally located before exits or as part of a loop. With all the trash cleard we need to give heavier husks another chance to go through.

DoT traps and dynamos are positioned either at the landing point of launchers or at exits. This will kind of allow for maximum effect. We also don't want trash triggering DoT traps since they die in 1 to 2 ticks.

So this works for me up to mid Canny. I have intentionally left spots blank (no traps) and not put extra walls or roof tiles. Any tweeks or suggestions are appreciated.

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